Acoustic Resonance v.5.2 own experiment Sweep the frequency and measures the audio response amplitude (in arbitrary unit). Can be used to look for an audio resonance (Helmholtz resonnator or a tube). Determines the resonance frequency simply by the signal maximum (will not work for multiple resonances). RES yellow all_freq all_amp index first_run freq start_f add_f audio_in audio_out_amp audio_out_freq audio_out_duration audio_squared sum max_ind res_freq freq sum res_freq all_freq all_amp start_f add_f index 1 index index 3 0 first_run index 2503 1 first_run first_run 0 freq all_freq freq add_f freq first_run 1 start_f freq freq 20000 20000 freq audio_in 2 audio_squared audio_squared sum sum 0.5 sum first_run 0 sum all_amp all_amp max_ind max_ind 1 all_freq res_freq all_freq all_amp