Barometric FastFineSmooth(3colors) TP blue Read pressure and temperature from barometric sensor of a Texas Instruments SensorTag like the CC2650 or the CC1350. Reading interval set to minimum, 100ms (0A). High precision of pressure (0.01 hPa). Added smoothed pressure indication by 'gausssmooth'(20), 'loess'(10) and average of last points(20) Pc3 t count count2 tmax final_average pRaw T2raw pCal final T2cal smooth smooth2 t2 0A 01 pRaw T2raw 0.01 T2raw T2cal 0.01 pRaw pCal pCal smooth pRaw count count tmax 0 tmax count t count 10 count2 0 tmax count2 t2 t pCal 10 t2 smooth2 pCal final final final_average t2 smooth2 t smooth t pCal pCal smooth smooth2 final_average t T2cal T2cal t pCal T2cal t smooth t2 smooth2