Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022! New Year! Take your smartphone horizontally and draw a christmas tree. The garlands, the snowflakes and the salut are controlled by the acceleration sensor components x and z (© mIv 2020). N22 green z left right h x1 x2 Ax Ay Az sx sz Sx Sz n5 x5 y5 sound salut go n40 x40 y40 Ax Ay Az Ay z Ax right -1 right left 0 4 51 h h Ax x1 h Az x2 Ax sx Az sz Sx sx Sx Sz sz Sz 0 5 6 n5 n5 x5 n5 y5 Az 4.0 0.8 0.0 sound Az 8.0 0.01 go salut go salut salut 0.8 0.0 go salut 0.8 0.0 salut 0 39 40 n40 n40 salut x40 n40 salut y40 x5 y5 x1 h x2 h Sx Sz x40 y40 left z right z