Light with acceleration v.5 Test Experiments PoL yellow Light intensity and orientation are measured using optical sensor and 3 accelerometers of a smartphone. The interval between measurements is set 0.5s in order to synchronize these sensors. Can be used for angular dependence of the light intensity, for example Malus law. illum illum_time avg_illum avg_illum_time Illum Illum_Time accX accY accZ acc_time avg_accX avg_accY avg_accZ avg_acc_time AccX AccY AccZ Acc_Time angle illum illum_time accX accY accZ acc_time illum avg_illum illum_time avg_illum_time accX avg_accX accY avg_accY accZ avg_accZ acc_time avg_acc_time avg_illum Illum avg_illum_time Illum_Time avg_accX AccX avg_accY AccY avg_accZ AccZ avg_acc_time Acc_Time AccY AccX angle angle Illum AccX AccY Illum_Time Illum Acc_Time AccX AccY AccZ angle