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Median, min/max in graphs - trapicki - 09-24-2020

I'd really love to see Median of data in graphs.

Since sensors are often noisy or signals (acceleration, sound etc.) a mixture of many frequencies, graphs tend to smush together the whole range of values, especially if recording longer than a few seconds. 

The Median would be a suitable way to show the main trend of data without the frequency dependent behavior of the Average or an IIR filter, and is robust against Kurtosis and outliers. 

Maybe it would be possible to show the whole signal and overlay it with the Median in a different color (white, black, dark gray, whatever works).

An extension would be to show min/max/envelope only, 25%, 75% Percentile or custom percentile, or even a Candle Stick representation, that is intensive line for median, a less intensive range for the percentile and an envelope as a faint line.

Best Regards!