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Sampling rate - tim_w79 - 12-16-2020

I am currently recording data while running.
For this I have used "acceleration with g".

For the subsequent analysis I would like to map the data in a FFT and filter. But for this I need the exact sampling rate which is used in Phyphox.

Can someone tell me which sampling rate (or just frequency) is used for acceleration with g?

thank you for your help

RE: Sampling rate - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 12-16-2020

The maximum rate is requested. You could find it either in our by looking for your device or read it off the time difference between data points.

RE: Sampling rate - Dominik Dorsel - 12-17-2020

in addition, you should see your (max) sampling rate in the "acceleration spectrum" experiment on the bottom.