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I can't export data - Jarsgon - 06-15-2021


I'm trying to export data from:
Sensor: Acceleration (without g)

Sensor: Acceleration with g
Mechanics: Spring

But I can't export it, I tried with Excel but it doesn't work, i try to send via Whats app, Google drive, copy to my folders, Bluetooth, nearby, etc.
On my device only woks from .CSV but I want them in Excel Cry

Also I tried to export it from remote  control, but it doesn't export it in any format (Included .CSV)

My device is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S  if it gives some info to you.

I would appreciate any help from the community here.

Thanks, Jason. Big Grin

RE: I can't export data - solid - 06-15-2021

Do you have Excel installed in your phone?

RE: I can't export data - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 06-15-2021

This could particularly happen for huge data sets in the sensor experiments as the binary Excel format is restricted to less then 64k rows. The spring experiment should not come close to this limit though.

The export fails silently, correct? How many rows do the .csv files comprise?

Not that it seems relevant: Android 11?

RE: I can't export data - solid - 06-16-2021

I have the same problem with one of my phones (samsung S4) even when the recording (does not matter from which sensor) is very short. When I try to export data via gmail in Excel format it tells "Couldn't attach file"...  I thought it is due to absence of Excel in this phone. Normally I am using .csv files and they are OK.

RE: I can't export data - Sebastian Staacks - 06-17-2021

That's odd. I just tried on an Android 6 and an Android 12 phone and exporting Excel to gmail worked well on both. But I have the impression that we are looking at two different problems here.

@Jarsgon: Let's start with the remote control export, simply because it is easier to get a bit more information from this one. Could you press F12 in your browser and look for a tab called "console" before trying the export function. Then when exporting, do you see if there is an error message anywhere (typically accompanied by a red circle with a white "x" inside). - Sorry, this description is a bit vague, but F12 accesses the debug console on most browsers with slightly different layout.

@solid: Does Excel export work when sending to other apps? Have you ever used adb or a "logcat" app? These allow to access error logs from all apps and it might be interesting to see if something is logged by gmail when it fails to open the excel file.

To both of you: I assume that you are on the latest version of phyphox? (1.1.9 from April)