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Old phones? - Erik Josefsson - 07-05-2021


I have a couple of old Samsung Galaxy S III phones I plan to use as "lab-phones". Unfortunately the branch of the OS they run is no longer maintained (phyphox works OK anyway as far as I can see).

Does anyone have a good picture of which branches of which free OSes that I could switch to?

The idea is to use working, but cheap, phones for experiments that actually could go wrong (i.e. phone+balloon).

Best regards.


RE: Old phones? - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 07-05-2021

Hi Erik,

I have not too much experience with the Android zoo, so I could just note that you should keep in mind that the f-droid version of phyphox lags a bit behind. So please check which app repository you rely on.

if it is just for a lab phone, I personally would not mind about the OS. Just avoid browsing the internet. I suppose you would like to keep the remote control feature – perhaps restricting network access rather than entirely shutting it down might be an additional safety measure…

Best regards,

RE: Old phones? - Erik Josefsson - 07-06-2021

Thank you Jens, I don't need bleeding edge nightly builds right now (which is actually an argument for ditching the free OS idea), I am really a beginner. Maybe I should just get started with some low cost phones and see where this goes. I found a very cool (I love the fridge experiment!) project by Gautier Creutzer over here but that Arduino learning curve might be too steep in a real time teaching environment.

Best regards.