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time interval - elephant - 08-05-2021

how do I change time interval by doing experiments? At the moment is about 1 sek, i want to have lower, like 0.1 sek. 

If I want to measure linear acceleration, location and speed at the same time. How do I this to get all measurements within the same time. thank you.


RE: time interval - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 08-07-2021

Selecting a ”simple experiment“ after tapping (+) in the menu gives you the opportunity to select multiple sensors and it lets you set a rate to a certain degree.

I suppose that you mean rate by time interval(?): phyphox asks for the maximum rate in most of the default experiments (”inclination“ being an exception, for instance). So it could be that GPS –or the barometer on iPhones– are not updated more frequently.