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Elevator Velocity - sergio.miguel.chavez - 12-04-2021

Hi, im a college student,
 im doing the elevator experiment, my proyect consists in showing that and elevator has a constant acceleration, but with out using the accelerometer on my phone, just from the barometer an the time the elevator travels. How does the app calculate the velocity its using in the graph? Im having trouble replicating that data on excel,i managed to get the exact same height the app was telling me just from the barometer data using just the barometric formula, but i cant replicate the velocity data. How does the app calculate it?  Thank you

RE: Elevator Velocity - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 12-04-2021

The “elevator” experiment in phyphox also utilises the barometer for an altitude. The velocity is computed by a simple numerical differentiation: Δaltitude / Δtime (Δ: the difference of two consecutive values)

You could check the experiment source written in our the very last part in the analysis block in