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Custom experiment with MQTT credentials - HerrNamenlos123 - 01-26-2022

Hi there,

I am new here. I tried to setup a phyphox experiment to stream sensor data via MQTT. 

I found the example in the wiki, modified it and loaded it into phyphox. It seems to work, but the connection is refused, because i did not enter any credentials.
Our MQTT broker is secured with a password and username, how can I enter that into the xml file?

I tried adding the tags username= and password= in the connection field, but it did not work.

The wiki doesn't say anything about credentials, I also didn't find any examples.

How can this be achieved?

RE: Custom experiment with MQTT credentials - Sebastian Staacks - 01-26-2022

I have to admit that I did not try this myself, but a colleague from another institution has implemented MQTTS and added the username and password attributes, too. However, so far this has only been done on Android and it is undocumented. If you are on Android, you can try it by setting the service to mqtts/* instead of mqtt/* and use an encrypted connection.