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esp32 ble sensor boxes - heilaut - 03-17-2022

I have developed some sensor boxes for physics classes.

The boxes are all built so that they only need any USB power supply.
You can then connect them wirelessly to your smartphone via PhyPhox.
All boxes can be attached to 10mm tripod rods.

Thanks to the easy-to-use BLE interface of PhyPhox, the sensors can be used very well in physics lessons. For student experiments or even demonstration experiments.

At the moment there is a force sensor and two types of distance sensors.

On Github you can find all the needed files:
the .ino files for the esp32
the .stl files for the boxes - printable with a 3D printer
the building instructions (not yet complete)

I am always grateful for suggestions and criticism.

It is also planned to design concrete materials for experiments in school.

(thread posted before in the german forum)

RE: esp32 ble sensor boxes - heilaut - 04-22-2022

Just finished the work on my multimeter-box using an esp32 and an ina219 voltage and current sensor.

With the box, you can measure voltage and current at the same time.

The links show a few examples of the charge and discharge of a capacitor and the characteristics of a diode and a resistor.

The Arduino code and the 3dp files can be found on Github. The building instructions will follow.