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Custom experiment - steplab - 04-13-2022

     we realized some custom experiments with an ESP32 based datalogger.
We are able to plot data acquired from ESP32 but it is not clear if it is possible receive a feedback from the start button of the graph.

We need to reset some variables when the experiment starts before plotting data.

Is there any command in standard Arduino library to do that ?

RE: Custom experiment - Dominik Dorsel - 04-14-2022


there are currently 2 different options that might solve your problem:

A) you can add an "edit" field to your experiment, check the library example "getDataFromSmartphone"

B) if you just want to start a measurement or reset some values you can get the current number of connections with:

uint16_t activeConnections = PhyphoxBLE::currentConnections;

Unfortunately there is currently no way to get the "user-pressed-play moment" with the library right now.