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Replace internal sensors with SensorTag - stefan_o - 07-21-2022

this is a bit more fundamental but would be great if possible:
I have CC1350 SensorTag to connect to iPads. Unfortunately you cannot connect to them and use the existing experiments, but use a specific Bluetooth experiment.
The basics measurements are included, but not with all displays compared to the internal sensors (probably the experiment definitions weren't updated in the same way). For the pendulum a definition is given as example, but for the roll experiment for example I copied the XML definition and modified it to use the external sensor.
My idea for a more convenient use:

Allow connecting to an external sensor and all experiments internally defined that are possible with this sensor turn blue and will use it.

I have not studied the phyphox source code, but I think the best way is to introduce an abstraction layer, that allows accessing Bluetooth sensors the same way as the internal ones rather than having to define specific stuff in the XML experiments (you would rather have device-specific XML for sensor readout definition, so yet unsupported external devices could be added like experiments).

Best regards

RE: Replace internal sensors with SensorTag - Dominik Dorsel - 07-29-2022

Hey Stefan,

thanks for your feedback! I agree that a more generic sensor input would be quite useful. I will bring this up in our meeting!

Best regards