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SensorTag interface description - stefan_o - 07-21-2022


I would like to use a TI SensorTag for the centripetal force experiment. I noticed that the existing experiments for the SensorTag use either the accelerometer or the gyroscope, but not both at the same time.
The bluetooth config definition varies, I assume that way the SensorTag gets configured to readout specific sensors. Is this documented anywhere? Where did the hex values in the XML came from? Is there any documentation from TI or source code of the firmware that allows you to understand how these values work?

Best regards

RE: SensorTag interface description - Dominik Dorsel - 07-29-2022

Hey Stefan,

it was very detailed documented until TI removed this part from their homepage. I think Sebastian was able to save a cached version of this page. I will ask him next week when he is back in office.


RE: SensorTag interface description - SJS - 10-03-2022

Hi everyone,

I can recommend the old wiki pages, which are still accessible via the Wayback-Machine; for example the following snapshots:



Best, Sebastian