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Custom BLE Device with external .phyphox xml - vcbz - 10-13-2022

I started testing phyphox and developed a BLE peripheral with zephyr OS. It works as expected for an NRF52833 where I have embedded the xml in the device and can start a experiment. So far I think I understand how to integrate custom BLE peripherals. My question is what if the XML is not embedded in the device?

I have another smaller MCU with less RAM/Flash and would like to describe the experiment in XML and then connect to the device. Unfortunately the phyphox app tells me 'Bluetooth connection could not be opened. Error for the device with the name "MyArbitraryName" '.

What does the Phyphox app look for to connect for the device? Just the Name? The other device I integrated works fine as it uses the custom UUID designed for PHYphox. Do BLE peripherals that want to communicate with phyphox with an external xml need to also define the UUIDs as mentioned in the BLE wiki?

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RE: Custom BLE Device with external .phyphox xml - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 10-14-2022

The name acts as a filter on the device list in order to reduce the number of (selectable) entries.

The UUIDs describe the BLE so-called characteristics that devices use to communicate, so they need to be known.

I ping Dominik if he could add to this. I would expect that he is certainly interested that someone else is working with zephyr here in Aachen…

RE: Custom BLE Device with external .phyphox xml - Dominik Dorsel - 10-14-2022


at first im happy to hear someone else is working with zephyr! Would be nice to get some more details on your project.

Im not quite sure what the problem is exactly, but maybe this helps:

To connect to a ble device you have to define the uuid of the characteristic which holds the data. A name can be defined, but not needed, as it is just a filter for the scan result.
The generated .phyphox file can be sent directly by mail, messenger and so on to your smartphone and opened with phyphox. This way you can select the new experiment from the main menu and the ble scan process starts automatically after opening the experiment. Another solution would be to store the experiment with an online cloud service and generate a qr-code to the specific experiment. Since you are from the FH Aachen, you could use Scibo for this. 

If you want we can also talk briefly via zoom/teams about the problems.