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magnetic top spin - Luke - 11-18-2022

What is the speed of my CD-Rom top spin (dt. Kreisel aus einer CD-Rom)?

By modicying the CD-Rom spinning top, in order to load a small super magnet, the speed can be evaluated easily using the PhyPhox magnetometer. First in the simple magnetic field sensor mode, but more advanced is the spectrum (using FFT) and ploting maximum speed against time function.

Further work:
- build an amplifying circuit and capture with a coil the magnetic roatation, it could be used as a 'music instrument' or at least, the oascilaating movement can be evaluated by our ears ;-)
- The construction of the the top spin is described elsewhere:
- See reference in the forum:

RE: magnetic top spin - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 11-19-2022

Great idea Smile we regularly demonstrate a fidget spinner with a magnetised wing in workshops. Now I wonder which one is less known to students… Wink