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invalid view - - 11-18-2022

All of a sudden I got an error at loading an experience which runned before : 

"line 47 invalid view"

Anyone knows what this means?    

RE: invalid view - Jens Noritzsch - 11-19-2022

Could you please export the experiment from the menu – tap the three vertical dots on the right of the entry and then “share” – and post it here in an attachment.

RE: invalid view - - 11-19-2022

Jens, because the experiment doesn't load I cannot add this to the list and therefor cannot share.
But I attached the sketch Smile, and also a screenshot as it was working before.

RE: invalid view - Dominik Dorsel - 11-22-2022

Hey everyone,

sorry for my late response, i had to take care of my newborn son =)

I checked the file you send me by mail - the problem is within the setUnitX method. Currently the phyphox library allows a max length of 5 characters (we might change this). Since you have a longer unit in all your graphs the library ignores the faulty graphs which results in a view with no graph left..

It looks like you used a shorter unit in your working example.


RE: invalid view - - 11-22-2022

Dominik, of course a new born son is more important than a question of an old man (72). Gratulations!

You are right, the working example used [min] instead of [uur.min] . I used a RTC clock and by formula managed to make a float of the time ( hours +minute/100)
The decimal point is the division between hours and minutes. By using [u.m] it it will work again.

I couldn't find the error in your documentation neither could I find the max 5 characters long label ? Or did I look in the wrong place.
Nevertheless thanks for your respons.


RE: invalid view - Jens Noritzsch - 11-22-2022

Stupid me: the Arduino IDE had no access to the download folder and opened another file. I should have spotted this…

The limit is unfortunately not documented. It looks that we entirely remove it with the next version.

RE: invalid view - Dominik Dorsel - 11-22-2022

You can see this issue here in the source code:

As Jens already mentioned  - we will remove this unnecessary limitation with the next update! We will also introduce a new feature that will allow the user to get the current time on the microcontroller through phyphox.