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Boat performance data - PeteM - 01-31-2023

Hello, I would like to use phyphox to record boat performance data such as:

1. Speed
2. Pitch angle
3. Vertical acceleration
4. Pitch acceleration
5. Roll angle
6. Direction of travel

the Speed and Pitch Angle are by far the most important, and I could live with that for the short term.

Does anyone know if such an experiment already exists?

Thank you

RE: Boat performance data - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 02-03-2023

I am not aware of such an experiment. For a start, you could select the sensors you need in a “simple experiment” (via “+” in the menu) and delete unnecessary graphs from the corresponding XML file.

Speed and direction of travel is given by GPS (location), for vertical (in what reference frame?) and pitch acceleration (or do you mean rate of change?) the linear acceleration and gyroscope should do. Pitch and roll angle are not directly accessible in vanilla phyphox. Check the implementation for yaw, pitch, and roll angles from the attitude (or orientation) sensor at, the pitch acceleration could also be derived from the pitch angle here by some math magic ( comes to mind: smooths data and provides the first two derivatives).