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ESP32 Dev kit --Reg - pikubose - 02-02-2023

#include <phyphoxBle.h>

int analogPin = A3;
int Rawval ; // variable to store the value read
float Scaleval ;
int RELAY_pin = 10; // Relay is connected to pin D10
void setup()
Serial.begin(9600); // setup serial
pinMode(RELAY_pin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
int Rawval = analogRead(analogPin);
Serial.print("Rawvalue from Analog input =");
Scaleval = map(Rawval, 0, 675, 0, 20);
Serial.print(" Scaled Value =");
PhyphoxBLE::write(Scaleval);    //Send value to phyphox

if ( Rawval < 169) digitalWrite(RELAY_pin, HIGH);
else digitalWrite(RELAY_pin, LOW);
What will be the analog pin?

RE: ESP32 Dev kit --Reg - Jens Noritzsch - 02-03-2023

You must not use PIN D10 (check your board: there is none). It is used for the internal flash and we would expect that the board is nastily crashed by your code. You should check, for instance.

If you use 32 (or some others, see link) instead, your code should run without problems.