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Set sample frequency to export data - B. Douille - 02-16-2023


I'm a fan user of phyphox and use it for many useful measurements at home (timelenght to heat the water in the balloon overnight, duration and frequency of activation of my heater-pump...).

However, when recordings lasts for a dozen hours it becomes difficult to export and exploit the data. There are just too many samples, most of them useless for a study (Audio amplitude is a good example for me)
Can you add an option to set the frequency of the samples?
Such an option could be either in the option box of the experiment (saving memory for very long experiments) or in the workflow to export as Excel, CSV,.. I've got a temperature datalogger that includes such an option and it's very useful.

Thanks in advance

RE: Set sample frequency to export data - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 02-17-2023

There are two options: if you just need data from the raw sensors, you could setup a simple experiment via the “+” in the main menu. There is an input field for the rate. In many other experiments, you could change the .phyphox source,, and insert a rate to the sensor input, see

We would like to keep the number of settings as low as possible, so that the experiments just work. (At the latest with our upcoming new editor) anyone could adapt these to their specific needs.

RE: Set sample frequency to export data - B. Douille - 02-20-2023


I can't see Audio in the list of sensors for simple experiments. Anyway it's good to know for other use. Thks

I'm not fond of modifying a source code but I had a quick look at the code for audio amplitude and also to the definition of the parameters rateStrategy and stride. Maybe I'll have a try. I'll let you know.

RE: Set sample frequency to export data - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 02-22-2023

Audio is _a lot of_ data and typically the raw stream is rather uninteresting. That's why it is not included as a “simple sensor”.

Good luck! Smile