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Start, stop: red lines and background - scspaeth - 06-05-2023

I have conducted a simple experiment using the new Puck.js accelerometer/gyro experiment in Phyphox.
I roll the puck down a shallow inclined plane for a short distance several times. Then, I stop the data collection for a brief interval and then restart the experiment. The bright red vertical lines indicate the times of events: stop and restart as expected.

But, I see a new change in the user interface for which I could find no explanation. The background of the charts after the restart event changes to a less bright red. What is the meaning of that change in the interface. Do I need to change procedures in response to those changes?


RE: Start, stop: red lines and background - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 06-06-2023

Weird. Usually, the region without live data gets this red-ish touch…

RE: Start, stop: red lines and background - Sebastian Staacks - 06-06-2023

I have to test it later as I do not have the puck.js at hand right now, but it I think we overlooked that the timestamps from the puck.js are based on its own internal clock. Phyphox usually uses timestamps that "pause" when phyphox is paused, i.e. when you stop at 5 seconds and continue your measurement a minute later, the next timestamp will be something like 5.1 seconds, but from the puck.js we would get 65 seconds as the next timetamp.

This should be an easy fix as phyhphox just needs to be told to expect this. I have attached a version that should hopefully not exhibit this problem. (Untested, will test it later unless you beat me to it.)

RE: Start, stop: red lines and background - scspaeth - 06-06-2023

The attached -test.phyphox experiment seems to resolve the background color issue.
I get the red event markers and no changes in background color.
Thank you!