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Can't export data - aktalosig - 06-12-2023

I have a data recorded for 90 seconds using the Accelerometer with G sensor.

Now that I am trying to export the data as a csv file, the app just displays a loading screen that has been loading for 5 minutes now. I don't know if it's just still processing or if it failed.

Please help.

Device: iPhone 11
Sensor: Accelerometer with G

I also tried exporting a different experiment that I already exported last week. Last week, it didn't take a minute to be exported. Now it seems like it's the same with what's happening to my data right now. It just shows a loading animation.

RE: Can't export data - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 06-12-2023

The spinning wheel does appear after tapping “Export data” in the data format dialog rather than in the three-vertical-dots menu, doesn't it? On first sight, it looks like a systems problem after phyphox handed the data to it…

Have you recently installed a messaging or spreadsheet app (or something else that accepts .csv files)? Could you check if the same happens if you export a .csv file from Numbers app (share symbol > “Export and send” > CSV)

RE: Can't export data - ThomasLackey - 06-30-2023

Any update?