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Barometer time difference isn’t the same - - 09-25-2023

Hello dear Phyphox Team,
I’m doing some tests for my school paper with the elevator tool. But I tend to have the issue, that the time between each measurement of the air pressure is different at each series of measurement. Do you know how to fix that problem because I had it on my iPad Pro 11 inch with M1 chip as well as with my iPhone 11 Pro. I hope you can help me with my problem. Thank you very much. 
Sincerely Samuel Probst

RE: Barometer time difference isn’t the same - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 09-26-2023

The time used to be about one second between pressure data points on Apple devices. It appears to be a bit longer (1.06) now, however, still roughly the same over several measurements on my 13 Pro. The time stamps are given by the OS and we have to take them as is.

Do you see a different effect? What is your phyphox and iOS version?

The first five seconds look a bit strange with distances of about 1.03 seconds and a very short one of about 0.2s. I need to check some old data if it has always been this way…