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Math a section of data - Theoclos - 12-27-2023

Hi everybody,
this is my first post, I'm Theoclos an High school teacher and I frequently use Phyphox in my classrooms but I also ask students to do some experiments at home.

In our lab at school we always use the possibility to export data in CSV or excel format and I think it's a great feature!

In order to let my students work at home unservised I have to consider that not every one has a PC or the sufficient abilties to connect the phone to PC, so I think that an improvement would be to add some math on a selected sample of data.
Once selected a starting and ending instant I would like to see:
  • mean
  • variance
  • a linear fit

Thank you for this project and happy new year!

RE: Math a section of data - Jens Noriʇzsɔɥ - 01-02-2024

A few things are possible if you tap on a graph: you could pick data, drag a finger from one point to another to obtain differences and slope. There is a linear fit in “More tools”, however, it is not (yet) possible to select a different data range.

The math tools inside phyphox, see, are rather powerful, so you could build your suggestions into new menu entries that you share with your students. We hope that a new editor is ready soon(ish) that facilitates creating such experiments.

(Ad additional math tools: there are pros and cons. It makes sense that students use the same apps from the math courses and quite some work reasonably well also on smartphones – and, personally, I am a fan of the “there's an app for that” approach: a set of powerful, yet simple apps being good at their one thing.)