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time triggering - MM0TJR - 06-11-2019

I am considering to log position (latitude, longitude) and frequency of a signal every n seconds.
so, I would like to trigger the reading (and graphing, and recording) of 3 values every time period.
is this possible? if so, how to go about it?

maybe as an alternative I could do triggering on distance? (ie, make a recording every n metres travelled

RE: time triggering - Sebastian Staacks - 06-13-2019

Yes, this should be possible. Since you plan on combining two very different data sets (position and a frequency), the best approach would be to set up an experiment configuration which continuously acquires both values and then trigger the logging of the most recent values at the given period.

Are you familiar with our editor and the way phyphox experiment configurations work?

If so, you should use the time-module to get a time stamp and and if module to append the most recent values to your measurement if enough time has passed. Also, if this happens, append the timestamp to a buffer of size 1, so you can compare it again to the last time the measurement has been triggered.

If you are not familiar with the editor and the above does not make much sense to you, let me know. On Monday we will release the big update and after that, I will probably have a few minutes to create an example for you.