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Multilines in graph view-element - d.girardi - 09-05-2019

Nice improvement in analysis editor. I'm having a problem with the graph view-element, anyone can help me?
I'm trying to set two data in the same graph with two different colors. Using the online editor there is no option to set the colors to lines independently.  So, I downloaded the phyphox to my computer and manually edited the file as showed in the wiki page:
<graph label="Acceleration" labelX="t" unitX="s" labelY="a" unitY="m/s²" partialUpdate="true"> <input axis="x" color="green">acc_time</input> <input axis="y">accX</input> <input axis="x" color="blue">acc_time</input> <input axis="y">accY</input> <input axis="x" color="yellow">acc_time</input> <input axis="y">accZ</input> <input axis="x" color="white">acc_time</input> <input axis="y">acc</input> </graph>

But when I try to open the file in phyphox I get the error: "Invalid UUID: 572"
which corresponds to the bluetooth device UUID.
Any thoughts?

RE: Multilines in graph view-element - Sebastian Staacks - 09-09-2019

Does the same file work without the modifications directly from the editor? The error message does not look like it relates to the graph block. Could you post the entire file?

RE: Multilines in graph view-element - d.girardi - 09-09-2019

This file I upload my version to the editor and If I use the QR-code from editors it works (without colors) but the downloaded file does not work.

RE: Multilines in graph view-element - Sebastian Staacks - 09-10-2019

Could you show the file? (Not sure if I misunderstood, but I am not seeing an attachment?)

RE: Multilines in graph view-element - d.girardi - 09-11-2019

My bad.

RE: Multilines in graph view-element - Sebastian Staacks - 09-11-2019

Ah, now I see the problem.

The uuid does not refer to any Bluetooth UUID but to one of the UUIDs assigned to the nodes by the editor (UUID is a general term that is not only used in Bluetooth). To allow free positioning of the modules, the editor adds some metadata (editor:uuid="155" editor:posx="313" editor:posy="365" etc.) to the phyphox-file, so everything is in the same place when you load the phyphox file back into the editor.

Phyphox should ignore anything with "editor:" in front, but it seems like we were a bit lazy and the Bluetooth module tries to interpret the "editor:uuid" like the advertised uuid and complains that the format does not match. This does not happen when you load the experiment via QR code, because the editor does not add the metadata to the QR code to save some space (you cannot load the QR-code back into the editor anyway).

This means that a) I need to fix this in the next update and b) that you can simply remove the editor:uuid="101" in line 12 and it should be loaded without an error. All the other editor:uuid entries may stay as they are properly ignored by phyphox.

RE: Multilines in graph view-element - d.girardi - 09-12-2019

Solved. Thank you!
Another idea to improve the editor is to use different colors to the block header. For example, green for input and blue/red for output. This will help to easily identify input and output for larger projects.