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Apply Zoom - Physikator - 12-26-2019

The message "Zoom anwenden" when leaving a zoomed graph window could be improved with some sort of "remember this choice"-checkpoint. I mostly choose "Auf Standard zur├╝cksetzen" (return to standard), which needs two klicks where none would be far easier. So hiding "remember my choice" in the "advanced options" might be a good idea. To undo that choice an according button could be placed in the "more tools" section below the graph.

RE: Apply Zoom - Sebastian Staacks - 12-26-2019

I see what you mean. I wonder if we should just change the default value. I have a feeling that most people just quickly pick a point or zoom in into a detail and then want to return to the full graph. Initially, I chose the "keep" option as a default, so nobody accidentally loses their "work". But zooming is not that much work, so the convenience of easily leaving in 95% use cases might outweigh the remaing 5% of zooming a second time after not paying atention at the dialog.

RE: Apply Zoom - Physikator - 12-31-2019

True, I count myself among these 95%. But your goal is to not change the behaviour of the app when updating :-)

RE: Apply Zoom - Sebastian Staacks - 01-01-2020

Well, you are right that we try to avoid changes to the UI, so work flow and instructions by teachers do not break with an update - But if we did not change anything at all, we would not need to update. I think that this little default value should be fine...