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Long time series - Tomm - 12-31-2019

A simple question. I would like to record a long (~200 secs) time series and store the results as an Excel file. Phyphox audioscope function appears to be limited to 500ms blocks. How do I do this?

RE: Long time series - Sebastian Staacks - 01-01-2020

For audio, this is not possible in phyphox. In theory, you could adapt the audio scope experiment with our editor at, but for audio data, this is not a good idea as phyphox treats audio data just like any other sensor data without specific optimization for audio. For example, phyphox treats everything as double precision floating point values (8 byte per value) while audio software usually only uses 16bit integers (2 byte per value).

In any case, this will lead to an Excel table with 200*48000=9,600,000 entries. That is roughly 10 million values. I doubt that our exporter can handle this and I would not expect that there are many apps that can do this. Also, you probably do not want to handle 10 million values in Excel in any case.

Not sure what you want to do, but usually some audio software (like Audacity for example) is better suited to handle longer audio tracks than phyphox and Excel.