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Timer reset - Physikator - 01-27-2020

Sometimes when pausing an experiment (and changeing to another app and back) the timer of a sensor seems to be reset to zero. This happens for the pressure and also for the acceleration and gyro senors, I didn't see it in the gps data yet.

RE: Timer reset - Sebastian Staacks - 01-28-2020

I could not yet reproduce this. Is this on Android or iOS? Which phone exactly?

When leaving the app, at any point the system might remove it from memory entirely and we only get a short moment to save the state of the app. It could be related to this, although phyphox should reconstruct the next time stamp from the recorded time axis. So, I am not entirely sure where to look, so reproducing it on a similar phone would be very helpful.

RE: Timer reset - Physikator - 01-31-2020

iPhone 6, Software 12.4.4. I know that irreprocducilbe bugs are a pain in the ass, I'll try to provide more information.