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Iphone and Android question - Ron - 02-28-2020

Dear Friends, 

I would REALLY appreciate your feedback on the below:

1. How can I know what frequencies the iphone 10 or in general typical smartphones can detect using the magnetometer?

What frequencies?  What wavelengths in centimeters? 

2. How would/could we use the magnetometer as a "telescope" to observe space and determine structures of planets and their composition?

(I have some ideas - and would love to hear yours!)



RE: Iphone and Android question - Sebastian Staacks - 03-01-2020

1. This sounds like you are thinking of the wrong order of magnitude. The magnetometer typically samples at rates around 50 Hz to 100 Hz. In contrast, electro-magnetic waves with cm wavelength are what we call micro waves with frequencies in the range GHz (i.e. 1,000,000,000 Hz). A electro-magnetic wave with a frequency of 50 Hz has a wavelength of 6,000 km = 600,000,000 cm.

2. No idea. Is there a context to this question?