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export an experiment via usb - julien - 03-07-2020


Is there a way to export the data of an experiment by connecting the smartphone to the pc via usb ?
When i connect my smartphone to my laptop i can't see any phyphox files.
Thank you.

RE: export an experiment via usb - Sebastian Staacks - 03-08-2020

There is no direct method to support USB transfer, but you can export the data from phyphox and use an app to save the file on the file system of your phone and then use the USB mass storage function to get it to your PC. For example, you can use the app "Total Commander" (no guarantee, we are not affiliated with this app), to save the exported data to you downloads folder on Android.

However, there might be many methods that are easier and much more convenient. For example, you can simply save your files to a cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, OwnCloud etc) through the matching apps and directly access it on the laptop. Another alternative, if you are interested in the current measurement, you can enable the "remote access" function in phyphox and not only directly control the experiment, but download the data of the current experiment from your web browser.

RE: export an experiment via usb - CesarHinde - 03-16-2020

Hi...what you could do is save the original experiment on the original machine using a different file name, kill the waves in the new experiment and save it, and then transfer the new experiment to the other machine.

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