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Accelerometer AND gyroscope - solid - 03-21-2020


for our current project of studing a pendulum motion we need to register data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope at the same time. Is it possible using phyphox graphical editor? I tried this but it seems not working (see the attached phyphox file)...

RE: Accelerometer AND gyroscope - solid - 03-22-2020


I have edited the phyphox file directly and it works (there is a new version but I do no see now how attache it).

Here it is ...    

RE: Accelerometer AND gyroscope - Sebastian Staacks - 03-23-2020

Sorry, I am not sure I understand correctly. The first example works for me (except for x and y being swapped for the gyroscope). Is there still a problem?

RE: Accelerometer AND gyroscope - solid - 03-23-2020

No, there is no problem any more. Initially I could not do it using the graphical editor (the connections for second sensor did not appear) but then I understood how to edit the phyphox file directly. I also found that x and y were swapped for graphics.
Thank you, Sebastian.