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Measurement of the resonance curve (Acoustics)
Thanks a lot!
I'm a college student and I'm running an experiment to measure the acoustic resonance curve of a Helmholtz resonator and to measure the acoustic resonance curve in an open-open tube and I just found this thread.
The app is being used and I can't understand how to best position the speaker and microphone for the experiment.
Using only a phyphoxed phone close to the mouth of the bottle used as a resonator, the curve cannot be obtained?
Is it necessary to place a speaker reproducing the frequencies generated by Phyphox in the bottom of my resonator and a microphone, located in the mouth of the bottle, that can produce the curve by another app experiment?
Sorry for my bad English, it's not my first language.
Technically, it should work with the smartphone put to the bottle opening. On my smartphone, speaker and mic are quite far from each other though, so it is not optimal then.

Have you tried putting those earphones with a mic into the bottle. This works pretty well in my experience.
Yes, the earphone and the microphone should be put inside the bottle where is the resonance. Look photos at the beginning of the topic...
Big Grin 
I tried that way and finally get a really good curve.
I suppose the same setup works for an open-closed tube, so I'll try to do it that way as well.
Thanks a lot!
Hi, I'm a college student and I'm running an experiment just like Hayla, but when I try to run this experiment, sometimes my app just crashes and reload, making me lose the data collected and having to start all over again. In the first few times that this occurred it was fine, I moved on and restarted, but now its happening almost all of the time and now it's really annoying, I'm unable to complete a run because it crashes in random values for the frequency like 400Hz, 870Hz, 1370Hz, and my goal is to reach 3000Hz using 10.0Hz as the frequency step. 

Anyone knows how to solve this? I'm using a Motorola E7 Plus with up to date android and updated phyphox, I already have tried disabling WiFi, Bluetooth, notifications, enabling plane mode, closing all other applications but nothing seems to work.
Hm, the Moto e(7) plus appears to be recent enough that it should not be memory shortage…

Does it happen just with the “sweep” experiment or also with the “white noise”?
It happened earlier all the time (look the forum history and phyphox was corrected. Verify the phyphox version. See also
(10-02-2021, 12:00 PM)solid Wrote: It happened earlier all the time (look the forum history and phyphox was corrected. Verify the phyphox version. See also

I'm using the 1.1.9 version, I downloaded from Google Play, tried to update but seems that it is already updated. I also tried using my mom's phone but the same problem occurred.
Current version is 1.1.10 with file format 1.14, but your version should be OK. It would be useful if you will give all info about your phone here. May be Sebastian will help.

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