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Public Beta 1.1.0-beta3
Finally, the public beta has started on Android. You can easily join try out this version by following this link:

With this link you can change the settings of your Google Play Account to decide if you want to receive the regular or the beta version of phyphox through Google's Play Store. So, you will need to log in and once you have switched to the beta version, your phone will automatically update phyphox to the beta version through Google Play.

Please do not use this version in class, as crashes and problems can be expected.

Also, please use this forum for feedback and let us know about any problem or bug you find in this version.

The most important new features, that you can look for are:
  • Bluetooth Low Energy support
  • Interactive graphs (zooming, picking points, linear fit)
  • Multi-line plots, bar charts and color plots (can for example be seen in raw data experiments, in spectrum experiments, the new applause meter or the acoustic stopwatch)
  • Open experiments from zip files or QR codes
The full changelog (or the preliminary one for version 1.1.0) can be found in our wiki:

Some of these features are difficult to test without additional info (Bluetooth devices and QR codes). Please have a look at this forum as I will give more information and testing instruction during the next weeks.

iOS version
There will be no public beta testing on iOS because Apple does not support public testing. However, once we have completed the iOS version, we will be looking for volunteers to do a closed beta test.

Update 18.11.2018
This is mostly like 1.1.0-beta2, but we needed to increase the versionCode to make sure that the version is not replaced by a new non-beta release.

Update 23.10.2018
Changes in 1.1.0-beta2:
  • Fix truncated file names when exporting from remote access
  • Fix inelastic collision experiment only working after pressing "reset"
  • Improve magnetic ruler for longer measurements
  • Fix button alignment of "add experiment" menu on older devices
  • Fix loading experiments from URLs without query strings
  • Fix: After picking a point on graphs with multiple datasets, the focus may jump back to the first dataset

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