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Gas pressure thermometer versus temperature sensor (Kitchen physics with phyphox)
(04-24-2020, 09:55 PM)solid Wrote: I
I thought that pressure p and temperature T would follow the same curve taking into account pV = nRT (V = const). It was not so, and not only due to a different delay of cooling in the refrigerator and heating in the oven (preheated slightly). There is a remarkable difference even when both p and T have stabilized..

Cool experiment! Do not hesitate to post your program, I would be interested in having a look...

Concerning your result, I may stating the obvious (and if so I apology), but I would say that the main reason your curves look as they do is because of the difference in the response time of the sensors, don't you think? The barometer reacts faster to a change than the thermometer do, due to thermal inertia (thermal inertia from the sensor itself, but also from the whole sensortag), so the pressure and the temperature that are measured at a given time are not in equilibrium. The exceptions are the stabilized temperatures; as you noted they are not exactly what is expected by the theory, but any non-perfect calibration of any of the sensors would explain it. If you only plot the 3 points that are at equilibrium (low T, room T, high T), you are not that far off from what is expected, are you?



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