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Remote control for phyphox
(04-02-2021, 04:57 PM)Sebastian Staacks Wrote: Jepp, on my todo list. Might happen right after my parental leave next week.
Thanks for that!

(04-02-2021, 04:57 PM)Sebastian Staacks Wrote:
(04-02-2021, 01:24 PM)jer194 Wrote: - General setting for having the web interface always enabled;
This has been requested a few times before, but we do not want to allow this because of security concerns in the context of our main use case: Science education. Our worry is that this is enabled by a student who forgets about this setting and who then exposes his data school-wide or even Uni-wide. The threat is not too high as it only works while the app is active, but especially in context with your feature request below for switching experiments via the API, any attacker can simply scan for active phyphox instances with always-on-remote-interface and automatically switch them to an experiment that exposes location and the microphone.

So, since the benefits from this feature are not too relevant for teaching and not having this feature is more an inconvenience than a limitation (in most scenarios one can just create an experiment that records all relevant data) we do not plan to implement this.

I fully understand those concerns.
Last try :-) : maybe authentication could be enforced, in case 'always on' is set?

(04-02-2021, 04:57 PM)Sebastian Staacks Wrote:
(04-02-2021, 01:24 PM)jer194 Wrote: - Option to reset data
This is available via "/control?cmd=clear" or did I misunderstand?

I was more thinking about the web page (localhost:8080/) in this case, where one can switch between the various sensors,
and in fact it is there (the 'bin' symbol), I just missed it.

(04-02-2021, 04:57 PM)Sebastian Staacks Wrote: Sorry that this is mostly negative feedback. Maybe it helps if you explain your use-case?

No problem :-)

My current use case is: take sensor data every 15 min, eg for a weather station.

I have various solutions already, so I'm not really dependent on phyphox.

termux offers an easy solution (via termux-api, plus a cron).
Using this method, I have temperature, pressure, humidity for the past two years (from a spare S4).

For temperature on other devices, values can be taken directly from the /sys tree (also current, voltage, charge level, i.e. some physics could be made out of this as well). The temperature value is quite reliable, as long as the device is not used otherwise, or being charged.

Recently I discovered phyphox for this purpose, well designed, and controllable via API, so I gave it a try.
Since I want to operate it remotely, for longterm measurements, screen should be on only during the measurements.
Essentially it is (every 15 min again):
- Switch on screen, using 'sendevent' (press power key)
- Retrieve the list of active sensors via phyphox API (local, on the device).
- Retrieve values for those sensors.
- Stop measurement.
- Switch off screen (again 'sendevent')
phyphox needs to be in started mode, experiment up, and API active.

A bit crazy maybe, but it is fun to explore possibilities :-)

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