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We have successfully tested reading the Owon B35T and the Owon OW18B multimeters. The readout is the same for any measurement mode and since phyphox does not support switching units depending on the input, the value in the display of the multimeter is presented without a unit. However, the factor is converted to match the base unit, so the value is given in Volts, Ampere or Ohms instead of Millivolts, Milliamps or Kiloohms, regardless of the scale in the display.

Note that the OW18B uses a significantly different protocol than the B35T, so we do not know what to expect from different models or even the same ones produced at a different time.

Since we did not yet get permission to include support for this multimeter in our app, for now you need to load this experiment externally. Also, we do not yet know which other models are supported in the same way. For now you can find a QR code for this multimeter in our forums [1].