Experiment: Tone Generator

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Tone Generator
Experiment Tone Generator
Category Acoustics
Used sensors Speaker

The experiment "Tone Generator" does not record any data, but instead generates a single tone of a selectable frequency and outputs it through the speaker.


There are no requirements for this experiment. If necessary, you can obviously output the tone through an external speaker.


There is no specific setup as this is more a tool than an experiment on its own. Just remember to turn up the volume.


The tone is a sine function at the given frequency at maximum amplitude. To make its calculation more efficient while keeping a sufficient precision, only 100 periods are calculated. However, the maximum number of samples is limited to a total of 1 second, which should only be relevant for frequencies below 100 Hz which phone speakers usually cannot reproduce anyways.

Problems and resolutions

  • There is periodic ticking sound. Unfortunately not every device supports looping the sound in the same way and in some rare cases it does not work too well. You can let us know about the problem and maybe we are able to fix it if we can get our hands on the same phone model. However, we cannot promise anything and if your device is rather exotic or old, it may not be top priority.