Hysteresis curve of an iron core

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Hysteresis Curve of an iron core
Experiment Hysteresis Curve of an iron core
Category Magnetism
Used sensors magnetometer

This experiment enables your smartphone to qualitatively measure the hysteresis curve of an iron core. The iron core is sitting inside a coil. By running a current through the coil the iron core is magnetised. When plotting the current running through the coil against the magnetic field of said coil, a hysteresis effect becomes visible. The current is indirectly measured by the magnetic field of a second coil without iron core, set in a different axis.


Smartphone (with Phyphox and Magnetic sensors)

2 coils (same windings e.g. 300)

iron core (non-folded)

cross switch

adjustable power supply (current continuously adjustable)



Problems and resolutions

phyphox file