Texas Instruments SensorTag CC2541

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The older SensorTag CC2541 is not directly supported, but you can use the external configurations presented on this page to read its sensors with phyphox. The reason is that it communicates quite differently than the more widely spread Texas Instruments SensorTag CC2650/CC1350 STK and we can not distinguish them while scanning for the device. So, please, if you want to use the CC2541, load any of the configurations below (via QR-code or directly from your phone's browser).

Please note that these configurations have been created by Sebastian Spicker of the University of Cologne and/or Sebastian Staacks to get the device running. They have not been tested very thouroghly and are only maintained as problems are reported to us.


Working fine in principle. Could be modified to achieve different range/resolution combination as the CC2541 only offers 8-bit per axis.




Please note that we had some issues to get good readings across different devices. This configuration reads the calibration from the CC2541 and applies it to the data, but either there is a piece missing here or the tested devices need some calibration.