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This page lists all published phyphox versions with details and changelogs. Below you will first find an overview table, followed by detailed information on each version.

Version Release date File format Notes
1.0.0 12.09.2016 1.0 Initial release
1.0.1 21.09.2016 1.0 Bugfixes
1.0.2 27.09.2016 1.1 Bugfixes and minor improvements
1.0.3 11.10.2016 1.2 New experiments: Centrifugal acceleration and inclination
1.0.4 17.11.2016 1.3 New experiment: Acoustic stopwatch, disable unavailable experiments
1.0.5 14.12.2016 1.3 Bugfixes and minor improvements
1.0.6 24.02.2017 1.4 Experiments: Inelastic collision and timers, many improvements to existing experiments
1.0.7 15.06.2017 1.5 GPS, state saving, acceleration and magnetic spectrum
1.0.8 12.07.2017 1.5 Bugfixes
1.0.9 10.01.2018 1.5 Bugfixes
1.0.10 12.01.2018 (1.6) Hotfix for iOS only.
1.0.11 12.02.2018 1.6 Czech and Polish translation
1.0.12 22.04.2018 1.6 Dutch and Russian translation
1.0.13 02.06.2018 1.6 Italian and Greek translation. Roll experiment removed from iOS.
1.0.14 16.11.2018 1.6 Portuguese translation.
1.0.15 18.11.2018 1.6 Hotfix for iOS only.
1.0.16 15.01.2019 1.6 Japanese translation. Minor bugfix.
1.1.0 17.06.2019 1.7 Bluetooth Low Energy, interactive graphs, loading experiments from zip files and QR codes, Open source
1.1.1 11.07.2019 1.7 Bugfixes
1.1.2 28.07.2019 1.7 Bugfixes, minor improvements, bright mode in remote access
1.1.3 05.12.2019 1.8 Network interface, many minor improvements and bugfixes
1.1.4 06.12.2019 1.8 Hotfix for iOS only.
1.1.5 20.03.2020 1.9 Spanish and Turkish translation, bugfixes
1.1.6 27.08.2020 1.10 Improved audio engine to directly generate tones and white noise, bugfixes
1.1.7 04.12.2020 1.11 Network connection with MQTT. Minor improvements and bugfixes.
1.1.8 26.02.2021 1.12 Improved time handling across system time, (sensor) event times and experiment time. Time axes can be switched to system time ("wall clock" time). Metadata export.
1.1.9 16.04.2021 1.13 New acoustic and improved countdown for timed run experiments.
1.1.10 13.12.2021 1.14 Customizable and improved sensor rate strategies, experimental LiDAR support
1.1.11 09.09.2022 1.15 Bug fixes, official depth sensor support (LiDAR/ToF), improved consistency between Android and iOS version, new settings menu
1.1.12 08.08.2023 1.16 Hindi and Georgian translation, light mode, Bluetooth status bar, minimum iOS version increased to 11.0
1.1.13 16.02.2024 1.17 Bugfixes and improvements
1.1.14 18.03.2024 1.17 Hotfix for iOS only. (Pressure sensor issue)
1.1.15 20.03.2024 1.17 Hotfix for iOS only. (iOS 12 issues)
1.1.16 13.05.2024 iOS / 20.05.2024 Android 1.18 Image support in phyphox file format. Bugfixes and improvements



13.05.2024 iOS

20.05.2024 Android

(Note that we were forced to release the iOS version to address the still existing iOS 17.4+ issues when iOS 17.5 was released. The Android version was not yet ready and followed a few days later.)

Changes on Android and iOS

  • New image support in experiment configurations. (Not yet used in default configurations, but can be implemented by external ones.)
  • Improved acoustic stopwatch performance, allowing for minimum delay settings below the internal audio buffer size of the device.

Changes on Android

  • Fix: Threshold module fails to trigger if value matches threshold exactly.
  • Fix: Very large or small values are changed in the edit field due to scientific notation.
  • Fix: Edit fields in timed run dialog become unusable if large fonts are used and the selected language has long description texts.
  • Fix layout of experiment list for large fonts
  • Fix cause of various problems related to Bluetooth devices that act as both, input and output. The issue led to a remaining process that tried to reconnect the Bluetooth device even when the experiment has been closed, resulting in symptoms like a blocked Bluetooth scan dialogue or crashes when leaving a Bluetooth experiment.
  • Reintroduce touch effect in main menu (accidentally removed with light mode)
  • Some fixes for Android 4 devices: Main menu icons and some crashes (tested on an Android 4.0.3 emulator only)
  • Fix: Language setting in the settings menu has no effect for some languages on devices that run Android 12 or lower. Note that this is due to optimizations of the app bundle (i.e. the Play Store does not download languages it thinks you won't need) and was present in the initial 1.1.16 release on 20.05.2024. A version with correct bundle settings was released on 24.05.2024. If this issue is relevant to you, please check the build version via "device info" in the "i" menu on the main screen. The build version 1011601 has this issue while build version 1011602 is the one that fixes it. F-Droid versions are not affected as F-Droid uses the older APK system without such optimizations and the source code of 1011602, 1011601 and the F-Droid 1011600 version are otherwise identical.

Changes on iOS

  • Extend fix for pressure sensor on iOS 17.4 to all iOS 17 versions >= 17.4 as the issue has not yet been fixed.
  • Fix: Raw data not shown or exported in audio autocorrelation
  • Fix: Behavior of threshold analysis module inconsistent with documentation and Android version for edge cases with NaN or empty buffers

File format update to version 1.18

  • New image view element
  • New eventstream analysis module, which makes it easier to implement stopwatches (like the acoustic stopwatch) and should increase their performance.
  • New split analysis module to split a buffer into two buffers at a given index with overlap
  • New movingaverage analysis module to calculate, well, a moving average



Hotfix for iOS only:

  • Fix: Fixing crash on iOS12 (as the previous hotfix did not work).
  • Fix: Colors on iOS12. Due to not supported dark mode, this version needs to be fixed in bright mode.



Hotfix for iOS only:

  • Fix: iOS 17.4 introduced a bug that adds a permission requirement for the pressure sensor. This hotfix adds a workaround to request this permission on this specific iOS version.
  • Fix: phyphox 1.1.13 had an unused SwiftUI dependency leading to crashes on iOS 12 devices.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Update outdated Czech translations (thanks to Lukáš Hřebík)
  • Adjust color variants for bright mode to fix yellow becoming unreadable. (This changes the automatical calculation of alternative colors. Please let us know if you encounter other colors that do not work well in bright mode.)
  • Add numerical display of "event number" to "many" tab in acoustic stopwatch and motion stopwatch
  • Improved Audio Scope performance (wait for any data instead of waiting at least 100ms, this makes the scope more responsive on systems that use a shorter buffer size than 100ms)
  • Fix: Three-dot menu on main screen hard to see in bright mode
  • Replace "a.u." with "arb. unit" and fix tone generator units

Changes on Android

  • Make three-dot menu on main screen easier to hit
  • Prevent line-breaks in title and prefer scaling and truncating instead
  • Fix: Switch to uncalibrated magnetometer has no effect
  • Fix: Audio experiments not working on Xiaomi devices while Google Assistant voice command is enabled in the system
  • Fix: Crash when returning to the app while an invalid experiment is open
  • Fix: Accept color values with and without leading hash
  • Fix: Crash if an experiment with invalid color attribute was added to the experiment collection
  • Fix: Handle subdirectories in zip files
  • Fix: Pending network requests are not cancelled if the experiment is stopped (network-connections)
  • Fix: Crash when picking data points on a graph with linear time axis while experiment is paused
  • Fix: Save-locally-dialog not always shown despite external experiment source
  • Fix: Experiment list always scrolls to top on return

Changes on iOS

  • Increased minimum iOS version to 12 (required by Apple's XCode)
  • Fix: New Bluetooth status bar from v1.1.12 does not appear.
  • Fix: Crash when renaming saved states
  • Fix: MQTT experiments crash on iOS 16
  • Fix: Clear connected devices list when Bluetooth disconnects
  • Fix: Front depth camera shown as available on all devices
  • Fix: Graph does not update on z data update
  • Distinguishable error messages for failed Bluetooth experiment transfers

File format update to version 1.16



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Hindi translation
  • Georgian translation
  • Optional bright mode (mostly for screenshots in printed media)
  • New settings to adjust font and graph sizes independent of system settings (for users presenting phyphox screens often)
  • Audio spectrum update rate is no longer limited by the phones internal audio buffer size (i.e. 2048 sample setting should refresh much faster on many phones)
  • Battery status and signal strength of connected Bluetooth devices shown (if they provide it).
  • Offer QR code to share remote access address.
  • Support puck.js as external Bluetooth sensor.
  • Add distance value to settings tab of depth experiment.
  • Prevent Bluetooth scan dialog from resizing to avoid entries from "jumping away under your fingers".
  • Support event characteristic in phyphox service for time synchronization with Bluetooth devices.
  • Allow Bluetooth experiment transfer without notification-mode.
  • Improved graph max/restore icon.
  • Fading history graphs in the sonar experiment have been re-implemented in phyphox analysis, allowing to export and save the history.
  • Fix: Output NaN instead of 0 if bearing, speed or altitude is not available in a location (GPS) event.

Changes on Android

  • Decode percent-encoding in requests to the REST API.
  • Improvements to auto-fixes for incorrect sensor timestamps to better handle sensors with sparse update intervals and prevent messing up correct measurements.
  • Improved performance when using the microphone on Android 6+ devices.
  • Improved performance for large data buffers.
  • Fix: Depth measurement hangs when switching to a tab with a camera preview (or the tab next to it).
  • Fix: Race condition in HTTP network service can clear buffers before transmitting them.
  • Fix: Bluetooth scan dialog becomes inresponsive when too many devices are available.
  • Fix: Alignment of info element if text is shorter than screen width.
  • Fix: Selecting retry on a Bluetooth scan error leads to QR scan.
  • Fix: Edit view element should replace instead of append to data containers.

Changes on iOS

  • Minimum supported iOS version increased to 11.0 due to new requirements of the App Store.
  • Fix: Crash if experiment configuration defines a value mapping with max < min.
  • Fix: Bluetooth "string" conversion missing last value (or not working if "length" is not set)
  • Fix: Bad line wrapping on long labels of edit view elements

File format update to version 1.16

  • New attributes for analysis block to allow skipping analysis if a specific buffer is insufficiently filled.
  • Audio input has a new attribute to choose if new recorded samples should be appended instead of always replacing the entire buffer with only the recording since the last analysis cycle.
  • Deprecation warning: We decided to remove the history attribute of the graph element as this feature is better implemented directly in phyphox analysis logic and is difficult to maintain. At the moment it is still working but may be removed in future updates. Please get in touch with us if you need help migrating.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Depth sensor (LiDAR / ToF) experiment available in tools section.
  • New settings menu.
  • Option to turn off screen if proximity sensor is triggered.
  • Option to override system language settings.
  • Option to change the remote access port.
  • Improved method to determine significant digits on plot axes.
  • Only show hint to new support options if they have been added in the current version.
  • Visual feedback added when switching tone generator to multi tone mode.
  • Show resolution in spectrum experiments.
  • Bluetooth peripherals can implement an event characteristic to receive start/pause events with time synchronization information.
  • Fix: Ignored localized decimal points (i.e. comma) when entering and displaying values.

Changes on Android

  • Do not return to collection view after adding an experiment to it.
  • Write sampe rate already on cycle 0.
  • Fix: Inelastic collision requires initial press on "reset" to work.
  • Fix: Crash if screenshot of a map graph is taken in landscape orientation.
  • Fix: Catch unreasonable data sizes for experiment configurations sent via BLE.
  • Fix: Random crash when stopping depth sensor measurement.
  • Fix: Prevent data buffers of edit fields from being cleared.

Changes on iOS

  • Use TrueDepth camera (front-facing camera for FaceID on all recent iPhones) as depth sensor.
  • Refactor analysis modules to be consistent with the way they work on the Android version.
  • This also fixes bugs related to reusing buffers as input and output on the same module and clearing in the if module.
  • And this also fixes the applause meter.
  • Only use reference frame with magnetic north if required by attitude sensor or calibrated magnetometer. (Should make some sensors available on devices with broken magnetometer.)
  • Edit views now use a numeric keyboard with added "+/-" and "done" buttons.
  • Fix: Crash in apply zoom dialog if selecting axes/units etc. on iPads.
  • Fix: Avoid flickering graphs by only redrawing them after analysis cycle has been completed.
  • Fix: Crash and mismatched inputs of analysis module "map".
  • Fix: Do not apply sleep time to first analysis cycle.
  • Fix: Placeholder for common strings is not replaced if no translation block is present.

File format update to version 1.15

  • Send tags in network connections now support a clear attribute. (This has already been implemented in the Android, but was not yet documented.)
  • New attribute for graphs to follow new data by default: "followX"
  • New supported sensor type: gravity
  • Bluetooth outputs (input tag within an output) support an offset attribute and multiple entries targeting the same characteristic will be combined accordingly. This allows sending multiple buffers to the same characteristic, for example to submit x, y and z from a 3D sensor.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • New sensor rate strategies, which now default to "auto" (see
  • Experimental depth sensor support for devices with LiDAR (newer iPhone Pro and iPad Pro) or ToF (Android, tested on Samsung G10 5G) sensors. This feature is currently hidden. See for ways to try it.
  • Translations of common units, quantities and similar short expressions are handled by the app and not in the file format, allowing for more nuanced translations that have been previously been prevented by name collisions (for example "s" for seconds and "S" for south).
  • Added a filter to prevent formula injection into Excel via CSV.
  • Time axis on the history plot of the applause meter has been disabled as this is only a rolling peek at the history and the time axis forces phyphox to plot from the beginning of the experiment.
  • Fix: Analysis only executed once or not at all after user input if experiment is paused. (This for example caused the sample number in audio spectrum to only update after starting the measurement.)
  • Context menu next to externally loaded experiments in the main menu now defaults to white if luminance is too low (also fix non-linear luminance calculation on iOS version)
  • Fix: In remote access simple value elements break data requests for preceding graphs with same buffers. (Most notably breaking remote access for the inclination experiment and absolute plots on 3 axis sensors.)

Changes on Android

  • Fix: Export via remote access not working in Excel format and some metadata missing in CSV.
  • Fix: Export in Excel format not working on pre Android 7 devices.
  • Fix: Youtube links blocked on Android 11.
  • Fix: REST API returns success when setting a value via cmd=set failes due to a non-parsable numeric value.
  • Fix: Crash due to race condition when clearing a buffer that is shown in a graph.
  • Fix: Crash due to another race condition in experiments that calculate audio output in their analysis block.
  • Fix: Change source for Paho MQTT library to fix broken F-Droid build process. (phyphox 1.1.9 should already have become available on F-Droid again thanks to a quick fix by "linsui")
  • New automatic strategies to fix bad timestamps reported by some devices: Fix offset if sensor events are reported more than 10 seconds into the future and generate substitute timestamp if a device reports zero instead of actual timestamps.
  • Use new Bluetooth permissions on Android 12, so we can ask permission to scan for nearby devices instead of asking for a location permission which might be confusing to many users.
  • Android 12 style splash screen with RWTH branding.

Changes on iOS

  • Load saved states on a background process and show the loading progress on screen to avoid watchdog kills in case of many large saved states.
  • Fix: MQTT service tries to subscribe to empty topic if "receiveTopic" is not set.
  • Fix: Colors of context menu buttons (three dots) in the main menu get mixed up.
  • Audio Engine interruption (alarm clock, call, etc.) stops the experiment.
  • Audio input now outputs the sample rate as soon as the audio engine is started instead of only when the audio buffer is filled, so the rate is available immediately.
  • Fix: Crash if two data sets are plotted in the same graph with a time axis and one time axis data set is empty.
  • Fix: Clear in analysis resets to init value instead of emptying a buffer.
  • Fix: if-module input clear behavior (did only clear input if output is written).
  • Fix: Formula node parsing fails if a two-parameter function is set into brackets.
  • Removed the trailing slash from the remote access URL as this seems to confuse Safari.
  • Fix: Proximity sensor only works after rotating the device twice. (It still only works in portrait orientation and will turn off the display. This is beyond our control and a limitation of Apples API.)
  • Fix: Truncated sensor metadata list in privacy statement of network experiments. (The list actually was correct, but all requested metadata was loaded as referring to the accelerometer.)

File format update to version 1.14



Changes on Android and iOS

  • New acoustic countdown for timed run experiments
  • Improved countdown for timed run experiments
  • Hint bubbles are less blocking
  • Fix: Audio Spectrum processes a partially filled audio buffer when pausing the experiment, which leads to a reduced resolution of the Fourier spectrum.

Changes on Android

  • Fix: Links not working and missing apps in share menus on Android 11.
  • Fix: Missing time markers and crashes on some stricter OpenGL implementations.
  • Directly include Eclipse Paho libraries to hopefully fix the F-Droid build process.

Changes on iOS

  • Fix: Time markers are not removed if you clear a graph
  • Fix: Reduce module produces additional zero value.
  • Fix: Wrong conversion of 24 bit integers (affecting both endianesses, signed and unsigned) for BLE inputs. (i.e. when using the pressure sensor of a SensorTag)
  • Fix: Localized links in experiment use the URL of the base language (typically English)

File format update to version 1.13

  • New "isLink" attribute to define experiment entries that only link to external pages.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Keep track of synchronization points between system time ("wall clock" time), (sensor) event times and experiment time and base all times on a common reference point.¹
  • Time axes can be switched between experiment time and system time from the tool menu¹
  • Pause events generate gaps in the plot and periods of paused time are marked when a time axis is used¹
  • Export includes meta data about the device and recorded time reference events¹
  • Time references can be accessed via REST API (remote access)¹
  • Fix: Remote access not working for "Audio Oscilloscope" (problem occured on any configuration that has a view element associated with a buffer name that collides with JavaScript object keywords, in this case "length")¹
  • Fix: Possible crash in sort module if inputs have different length¹
  • Fix: Tone generator hangs after a specific number of periods (Android and possibly 32bit iPhones, i.e. iPhone 5s).²
  • Fix: Normalization of amplitude in the resonance view of the pendulum experiment was wrong by a factor of the angular frequency.²
  • Fix: Formula node fails to parse scientific notation under specific conditions.

Changes on Android

  • Fix possible permission problems for sharing activities.¹
  • Fix: Tone generator does not respect duration setting of audio outputs.²
  • Hide decimal places in edit fields if only integer inputs are allowed.²
  • Fix: Phyphox does not wait for Bluetooth MTU request to complete.

Changes on iOS

  • Non-finite values (infinite or NaN) generate a gap in the graph.²
  • Non-finite values are not filtered in the rangefilter module (making the Doppler effect experiment consistent with the Android version as invalid results generate gaps)²
  • Fix: The be-careful-while-experimenting-dialog disrupts a directly loaded experiment.²
  • Fix: App crashes when a different sample rate is forced by the system on the microphone than used for playback.²
  • Fix: Crash due to race condition for certain buffer access functions affecting various analysis modules, most notably threshold in Audio Oscilloscope.²
  • Fix: The app crashes if starting an audio experiment when no microphone is available.²
  • Fix: Implement missing scale strategy "extend".²
  • Fix: add/subtract/multiply/divide return an empty buffer if only value inputs are used.
  • Fix: Graphs can disappear on screen rotation.

File format update to version 1.12

  • New "timeOnX", "timeOnY", "linearTime" and "systemTime" attributes to control the display of time on specific graph axes.¹
  • Time references can be sent via network connections using the new "send" type "time".¹
  • Events-block to store start/stop events with timestamps.¹
  • Timer analysis module has a new output "offset1970" and a new attribute "linearTime".²

¹Part of 1.1.8-beta1, released as public beta on 2020-12-21 ²Part of 1.1.8-beta2, released as public beta on 2021-01-08



Changes on Android and iOS

  • External configurations in the main menu can now be shared.¹
  • Defunct configurations are listed, so they can be deleted or shared to be analyzed and possibly fixed.¹
  • Fix: BLE using indication instead of notification²³
  • Fix: Remote access requests only last variable if a value is shown before a graph (notable in the Audio Amplitude graph not working in remote access).³
  • Set fixed axis scaling on the Sonar experiment to avoid rescaling on failed measurements.

Changes on Android

  • New permissions ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and WAKE_LOCK required to determine network connection type (see next item) and to use the Paho MQTT library (see file format update)²
  • Detect and hide mobile connection IP in listing of addresses for remote access. (Requires at least Android 5.0)²
  • Autodetect notifications or indications on BLE connections set to use either.²
  • Improve ZIP detection and always create a local copy of remote experiments before loading them.²
  • Fix: Crash in audio engine if direct playback source is used with an empty buffer.
  • Fix: Port ignored when opening an experiment via URL (including QR codes)²
  • Fix: NaN values are rendered as random lines on some devices.²
  • Fix: Slight normalization error for Gauss smooth module at the data point with exactly 3*sigma-1 datapoints remaining.³
  • Fix: App crashes if an experiment is loaded with undefined XML prefixes. (i.e. an experiment with editor:xxx tags has been modified and the xmlns:editor-definition in the base element was removed.)

Changes on iOS

  • Minimum iOS version increased from iOS 8 to iOS 9. (Required by Apple for XCode 12, however, there seem to be no devices that run iOS 8 but could not be updated to iOS 9, so impact should be minimal.)³
  • Fix: Cannot save experiment or state after opening from "files".³
  • Fix: Cannot save experiment with a slash in its title.³
  • Fix: Parsing of last value from BLE inputs with formattedString conversion if there is no terminating separator character.³

File format update to version 1.11

  • New network connection services "mqtt/csv" and "mqtt/json"²³
  • New conversion for network connections: "csv"²³

¹Part of 1.1.7-beta1, released as public beta on 2020-10-15.

²Part of 1.1.7-beta2, released as public beta on 2020-11-10 (Android only).

³Part of 1.1.7-beta3, released as public beta on 2020-11-25



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Audio spectrum now allows generating white noise.¹
  • Tone generator supports dual tone generation.¹
  • When leaving an experiment that ran for more than 10 seconds, phyphox shows a confirmation dialog.²
  • Improved stability of start detection on sonar (especially for iOS).¹
  • New "config" endpoint in the REST API (remote access) to allow reading buffer, input and export configuration.¹
  • Background slightly darker (the increasing number of apps with dark-mode make our old colors look "washed out").²
  • Improved units for slopes (i.e. m/s²/s becomes m/s³ and m/s² / rad/s² becomes m).²
  • Fix: Quotation marks in value element mapping break remote access.

Changes on Android

  • Direct config transmission via Bluetooth now also accepts plain xml.¹
  • Set manifest attribute to allow unencrypted http.²
  • Fix broken screenshot for interactive/fullscreen graphs.²
  • Fix crash if time output of location input is not used.²
  • Fix crash for graph axes with precision 0 or 1 on Samsung S6 due to Java bug²
  • Allow using vendor-specific pressure sensor if detected by name.²
  • Prevent infinite loop in periodicity analysis module.²
  • Fix: Graph forgets zoom state after screen off / app switch / scroll to far tab.²
  • Fix: Cannot subscribe to characteristic on Chrome OS.²
  • Fix: Edit field does not respond to update from other user inputs.²
  • Make static buffers properly unwritable to prevent unexpected behavior by writing from modules with mixed outputs and to allow initializing them from external sources like Bluetooth.²
  • Fix crash if finished network request is reported to not visible button.
  • Fix crash if models use 2D sensor data.

Changes on iOS

  • Prevent duplicate additions to the experiment collection¹
  • Share queue among data input of sensors, BLE, GPS and the analysis process to avoid receiving input data during the execution of an analysis seqeuence.¹
  • Major changes in analysis cycle logic to be closer to Android version: Analysis is run periodically regardless of sensor input, there is a run before start, "onUserInput" is used as documented, input clear is done before writing the output.²
  • Fix: Access error when opening configuration from "files" app.²
  • Fix: No output on abs channel for 1D sensors.²
  • Fix: Scrollable tab bar on iOS13.²
  • Fix: Crash if audio permission is denied.
  • Disable refresh rate limit for value view elements for more fluent feedback.

File format update to version 1.10

  • Audio output now supports parametric tone and white noise generation.¹
  • New analysis modules: interpolate, loess and sort.¹
  • New functions in formula node: min, max and heaviside.¹
  • New attributes to preset timed run parameters.¹
  • New attribute "cycles" for every analysis module, which determines in which runs the module is used.²
  • New attribute to send blocks of network connection service "http/post" to switch between JSON arrays and JSON numbers.²
  • New response conversion function "none" for network connections, which is now the default.²
  • New graph attribute unitYperX to explicitly set a unit for the slope (i.e. y/x).²
  • Optimization attribute removed. (This was added very little advantage but a lot of confusion.)²
  • Transfer of experiment configurations now supports requesting the transfer from a second characteristic (especially useful if you are using an Arduino library that does not support reacting to subscriptions).

¹Part of 1.1.6-beta1, released as public beta on 2020-05-22.

²Part of 1.1.6-beta2, released as public beta on 2020-07-24.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Spanish translation
  • Turkish translation (this has partially been enabled before by accident)
  • Spectrum experiments now have a peak frequency history plot.
  • The apply-zoom dialog when leaving a graph now defaults to "reset", but remembers if you want to keep the zoom for the next time.
  • Fix: Remote interface breaks if NaN / null values are to be plotted. (Typically in frequency history or Doppler effect experiments)

Changes on Android

  • Fix for Bluetooth Experiments failing to load if using specific conversion functions on many Android devices.
  • Fix Bluetooth input conversion "formattedString" failing when using indices without explicitly specifying empty labels.
  • Fix: GPS experiments crash on phone that do not offer a network-based location service.
  • Fix black background of graph toolbar on some devices (i.e. Pixel 3).

Changes on iOS

  • Fix unresponsive Bluetooth scan result dialog
  • Fix for Bluetooth: Pick write with/without response depending on peripheral's capabilities
  • Fix Bluetooth input conversion "formattedString" failing when using labels (this is different than the similar Android fix)
  • Fix for crash when sending an empty /control or /export request to the remote access webserver

File format update to version 1.9

  • New Bluetooth device atttribute "mtu" to request a specific MTU size
  • Support for new sensor type "attitude"



Hotfix for iOS only. Menus were unreadyble in iOS 13 with dark mode.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • New network interface allowing to send and/or receive data to/from network services.
  • New sensor db experiment, that allows you to contribute information about your device to our new (upcoming) sensor database.
  • Highlight nearest BLE devices if multiple with same name are present.
  • Use common time reference for multiple sensors, improving their synchronization.
  • Location services (i.e. GPS) now use a database to translate elevation above the reference geoid and the WGS84 ellipsoid directly in phyphox and giving both values. This also fixes getting ellipsoid instead of geoid data on Android 10 devices.

Changes on Android

  • Notify user if location service is not enabled when trying to scan for BLE devices.
  • Fix attribute clash of phyphox and the web editor.
  • Fix remote access problem on Android 4 devices.
  • Improve title display for long titles
  • Code maintenance under the hood (thanks to "TacoTheDank")

Changes on iOS

  • Fix wrong values if picking data points from logarithmic plots
  • Fix applause meter losing scores
  • Use advertised name of BLE devices instead of the local name buffered by iOS
  • Update BLE scan results, so changes in signal strength can be seen
  • Fix analysis logic: Run analysis if input data has been changed by previous analysis run
  • Fix some analysis crashes due to invalid integers
  • Include EduRoom SDK (
  • Accept old "out" attribute for audio inputs to fix compatibility issues with older experiments

File format update to version 1.8

  • Elements to define network interface
  • autoConnect function to allow connection to BLE devices without scanning
  • New formatting options for info elements: bold, italic, align and size
  • New option to ignore sensor availability



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Serbian translation (in Latin script)
  • Remote access stores settings (font size, layout) until the end of the browser session
  • Remote access now has a bright mode (should help on low-contrast projectors)
  • Fix error in distance calculation of location/GPS experiment. (Introduced in 1.1.0, please check any distance data generated in 1.1.0 or 1.1.1)
  • Add 1/min to acceleration spectrum and magnetic spectrum to directly get RPM from engines

Changes on Android

  • Save scroll position of experiment list after entering an experiment or adding/removing items

Changes on iOS

  • Add gap between value and unit in value view elements to avoid confusing units
  • Show optional dialogs and hints (save experiment locally, press arrow to start, etc.) after showing the Bluetooth scan dialog instead of not showing them at all
  • Fix separators in experiment layouts



Changes on Android

  • Offer additional apps when exporting (using a view-intent in addition to the share-intent)
  • Fix crash in data picker

Changes on iOS

  • Fix: Elevator experiment not working due to an error in the new formula parser
  • Fix: Crash of color plot (mostly when starting the sonar experiment)
  • Fix: Color map not showing if any z value is infinite (encountered in magnetic spectrum)
  • Fix: Crash when picking data points in graph with history (i.e. in the sonar experiment)
  • Fix: Crash in reduce module for fewer y than x data points
  • Fixes for iOS 13: Crash when opening experiments and design of tab bar



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Phyphox is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence from this version onwards
  • Bluetooth Low Energy support
  • Bluetooth Experiments included: Generic heart rate sensor, generic HID mouse, PocketLab One, PocketLab Voyager, Sensirion Smart Humigadget, Texas Instruments SensorTag CC1350/CC2650
  • Interactive graphs (zooming, picking points, linear fit)
  • New experiment: Applause meter
  • Multi-line plots
  • Bar charts
  • Color plots (used in spectrum experiments)
  • Open experiments from zip files or QR codes
  • Raw sensor experiments now feature a multi-line version
  • New languages: Chinese (simplified script), French, Vietnamese
  • Acoustic stopwatch has a new "many" tab , which allows measuring of an unlimited number of events, giving each interval and calculating the rate (Hz or bpm) and average interval of all events
  • Improvements to make the sonar more reliable
  • Performance optimizations for several experiments
  • Distance from start info for GPS-Experiment
  • Inclination experiment now features several different reference systems
  • Removed the libraries jquery and flot from the remote interface, which now uses chart.js instead
  • Remote interface now starts with a font-size recommended by the browser and allows changing the font size
  • Picking data points in the remote interface
  • The remote interface allows to show a single graph filling the full screen
  • Remote interface now communicates through a queue to avoid missed requests by the single-threaded webserver on the phone
  • Introduced a default color palette, which is used for coloring multiple graphs and can be referenced to by using names (red, blue, etc.) instead of RGB-values
  • Experiment configurations can be loaded directly from BLE devices
  • New device info report from menu on main screen
  • Add color to special categories (saved states and simple custom experiments)
  • Allow external experiments to define icon and category colors
  • Allow renaming of saved states
  • Use experiment title as default file name when exporting data, saved states or screenshots
  • Show state title in experiment info
  • Add hint to start button and add logic to hint bubbles, so they only show up until the user has used the specific function a few times
  • Fix: Wrong scaling of data in Doppler experiment due to outlying points
  • Fix: Consider available precision in remote interface to avoid retrieving the same value multiple times
  • Improve magnetic ruler for longer measurements
  • Fix inelastic collision experiment only working after pressing "reset"
  • Disable export and explain it to the user if an experiment configuration does not define an export

Changes on Android

  • Fix calculation of GPS height above geoid (MSL) if non-GPS satellite systems (GLONASs) are used
  • Vertical accuracy in GPS data if supported by some Android 8+ devices
  • Support temperature and humidity sensors
  • Support vendor-specific sensors by guessing their function by name
  • Improved performance by using native code for some operations
  • Improved Fourier transform performance by using the FFTW library
  • Allow screen rotation during measurement (now consistent with iOS)
  • Prevent adding identical experiments multiple times
  • Add notice when no address for the remote access is available
  • GPS now also uses network data by default and offers to force GPS only in the menu
  • Fix: Crash on malformed icon data
  • Fix: Sort categories case-insensitive
  • Fix loading experiments from URLs without query strings
  • Fix: Result response from webserver used broken JSON format.
  • Limit state title length

Changes on iOS

  • Complete rewrite of experiment parser. Much faster and much more stable when loading external experiments with errors.
  • Buffer rewritten. This should fix previous crashes in long-term measurements due to a race condition when accessing the buffers.
  • Respect save area guides to avoid drawing the UI in areas used by system buttons or the notch (iPhone X and similar)
  • Fix: Missing parts of a translation fall back to English defaults
  • Fix: Pick experiment language according to app language and avoid using unreleased languages already present in the experiment definition files
  • Fix: Re-saving states crashes the app
  • Fix: Power function fails for negative exponents

File format update to version 1.7

  • New graph types and multiple graphs
  • New Bluetooth Low Energy definitions
  • New "formula" analysis module
  • New "reduce" analysis module
  • New "map" analysis module
  • New attribute to enable analysis optimization (only re-run modules if their inputs have changed)
  • Label and unit can (and should) be separated for graphs to allow giving the right unit when reading a single data point
  • Colors can be names instead of RGB hex values
  • Value and info elements may now be colored
  • Temperature and humidity sensor types



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Japanese translation

Changes on Android

  • Fix: Light experiment not accessible if the list of preferred languages (Android settings) does not contain any language directly supported by phyphox.



Hotfix for iOS only. Unfinished translations were used as they were present in experiment files for testing, but should not have been selected by phyphox.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Portuguese translation

Changes on iOS

  • Fix flickering of audio oscilloscope



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Italian translation.
  • Greek translation.

Changes on iOS

  • Experiment "Roll" deactivated by Apple’s request.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Dutch translation.
  • Russian translation.
  • Inelastic collision experiment hides invalid intervals.
  • Translations are now also applied to units.

Changes on Android

  • Fix lines connecting to first point when loading a previously saved state.

Changes on iOS

  • Fix crash when value element has empty map tag.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Czech translation.
  • Polish translation.
  • Introduced a new “language” entry to the info menu on the main screen.
  • Fix: Flickering in motion stopwatch.

Changes on Android

  • Update to file format 1.6 and support audio sample rate output. (Which has been introduced as a hotfix to iOS previously.)



Hotfix for iOS only. The previous update introduced a problem when the system defaults to a rate of 44.1kHz. With the fix file format version 1.6 was introduced (partially) to support reading the actual sample rate. The full introduction of format 1.6 happened with version 1.0.11 for both platforms.



Changes on Android and iOS

  • Location (GPS) experiment now calculates the distance travelled.
  • Pendulum experiment shows a genreic results page first.
  • Minor optimizations of remote access communication.
  • Minor optimizations of text in experiments.
  • Fix: Inclination experiment now resumes at correct timestamp.
  • Fix: Jittery axis in roll experiment.

Changes on Android

  • Allow installation on external storage.
  • Added some MIME types to allow opening phyphox files from more third-party apps.
  • Correct GPS height from WGS84 ellipsoid to geoid if possible.
  • Adaptive Icons for Android 8.0.
  • Fix: Order of external links now matches definition in custom experiments.
  • Fix: Rotation lock ignored in main menu.

Changes on iOS

  • Wider text fields.
  • Icon-Positioning in tool bar no longer optimized by the app as this lead to problems on some iOS 11 versions.
  • Remove subject text when sharing data or screenshots as this generates multiple files in iOS and leads to more trouble than it’s worth.
  • Fix: Crash when using the remote access in hotspot mode.
  • Fix: Crash when saving a saved state a second time.
  • Fix: Crash when activating remote access while port 80 is already in use.
  • Fix: Crash when the system does not support an audio rate of 48 kHz (for example when using AirPlay).
  • Fix: Crash when external link has not been translated in custom experiment.
  • Fix: Highlighted link not visible if not translated.
  • Fix: Some sensors do not produce data on iPods (fix not tested).



Changes for both Android and iOS

  • Fix wrong time axis of audio scope.
  • Allow unusual frequencies in tone generator but add a warning.
  • Rename centrifugal acceleration to centripetal.

Changes for Android

  • Fix OK-button not accessible on startup (small screens with enlarged fonts)
  • Fix rare crash in GPS module
  • Combine wrong GPS status to “deactivated/active”

Changes for iOS

  • Fix flickering of audio scope.
  • Fix crash on audio playback, mostly on iOS11.



Changes for both Android and iOS

  • Save or share and load experiment states including your recorded data – even across platforms.
  • GPS support.
  • Audio autocorrelation and spectrum show corresponding musical notes.
  • You can now pick between different number of samples in audio spectrum.
  • New experiments: Accelerometer and magnetometer spectrum.
  • Time period of audio scope is now selectable.
  • Improved algorithm for audio autocorrelation.
  • Audio amplitude can now be calibrated to give sound pressure level in dB.
  • Splash screen with university logo.
  • Show magnetometer accuracy.
  • Move clear function to the action bar as a button.
  • Minor improvements to TalkBack / VoiceOver by adding descriptions to unlabeled buttons.
  • Buffer for acoustic stopwatch and inelastic collision has been increased, which might help on slower phones.

Changes for Android

  • Fix crash on Android 7.1 and Android O when reading non-3D sensors (like pressure or light).
  • Fix crash when rotating while the description hint starts showing.
  • Fix crash on bad experiment icons in main menu.

Changes for iOS

  • Fix crash on consecutive Fourier transforms.
  • Code has been converted to Swift 3. Ideally, there should be no noticable change. Ideally.
  • Old, discontinued audio engine has been replaced.
  • Fix: VoiceOver stopped working when phyphox handled audio.
  • University logo added to credits dialog.

File format update to version 1.5

  • Allow initializing buffers using a list of values.
  • Add mapping of ranges to value element to show text instead of numbers.
  • Add accuracy channel to sensors (magnetometer only).
  • Allow for dynamic sleep times of analysis cycles.
  • New analysis modules: round and log.
  • Fix handling of start value in subrange module.
  • Fix on Android: FFT module now uses actual number of data points instead of just the buffer size.
  • Fix on iOS: Button elements could not use buffers as inputs.



Changes for both Android and iOS

  • New experiment: Inelastic collision.
  • New timer experiments: Motion stopwatch, proximity stopwatch and optical stopwatch. The existing acoustic stopwatch has been moved to this section.
  • Support for the proximity sensor.
  • Raw sensor experiments now also give the absolute value of 3D data.
  • The info button at the top now opens a small menu with links to our FAQ, help and experiment collection.
  • Added resonance page to the experiments “spring” and “pendulum”.
  • The “pendulum” experiment now has a page, which allows estimating the length of the string.
  • Added a third view to the “sonar”, plotting the correlation against the raw time axis.
  • Performance improvements for “sonar” and “acoustic stopwatch” for slower devices.
  • The “elevator” experiment now also shows the acceleration using the accelerometer.
  • The remote interface starts in a new “narrow” layout, similar to a phone screen. You can still switch to the old full-screen layouts via the menu of the remote interface.
  • The rate limit for the raw data experiments has been removed, so they acquire data at the maximum rate allowed by your device.
  • Fix: Graph scaling not applied on remote interface.

Changes for Android

  • We now read the recording from the mic in smaller chunks to improve the timing of the analysis cycle.
  • Default margins removed from all view elements as these are now controlled by the new separator view module. (See file format changes below.)
  • Name the sensor which is not available when trying to open an experiment.
  • Fix: Crashes when experiments use string icons with less than three character.
  • Fix: Rare crash when showing hint tooltip.
  • Fix: Do not show save-locally dialog if the experiment was not loaded successfully. Trying to save in such cases led to a crash.
  • Fix: The optimization for the analysis assumes it can skip empty buffers as there is no data to be processed, resulting in problems, when a buffer is empty because it has been cleared intentionally. Instead we now keep track if a buffer has been touched.
  • Fix: When averaging, the first sensor value is returned immediately without averaging.
  • Fix: The edit box in the experiment “Magnetic ruler” resets to the default value.
  • Fix: Repeatable inputs were not mapped correctly if they were not used in the first period of repeatable inputs. This affected the rangefilter in a way, that it would not behave correctly if the second input should be filtered, but not the first one.

Changes for iOS

  • Audio recordings are buffered internally and only exposed to the analysis buffers just before an analysis cycle starts. This way, it is guaranteed, that the buffer will not be changed during the analysis process and you do not need to create a local copy. This makes it consistent with the behavior of the Android version.
  • Display a hyphen instead of “NaN”.
  • Added a default text when sharing a screenshot. This hopefully prevents some third-party apps from inserting the image file path as default text.
  • Fix: Range filter does not work correctly in cases in which the first value of the second input is filtered.
  • Fix: Remote access stops working after leaving the app and returning to the existing session.

File format update to version 1.4

  • New absolute output for all sensors, so you do not have to calculate it yourself in your analysis.
  • New separator view element. This allows to add margins or lines to group your views.
  • New analysis module: subrange. This simply returns the values within an index range. Much faster than using the rangefilter for this task.
  • The analysis modules “if” and “append” as well as the view “button” now allow a new input type. Besides “value” and “buffer”, you may now set them to “empty”, practically being a constant buffer of length zero.
  • Slightly change behavior for “if” module: If the output is flagged to be cleared before writing, this is only done if the condition for an input has been met. This means, that the output is not cleared if there was no input for a certain case and you can conditionally clear an output by assigning an input of type “empty” to a case.



Changes for both Android and iOS

  • We now use the calibrated magnetometer by default and allow switching to the raw magnetometer from the menu if available on the device.
  • Added an explanation link to the sensor-not-available notification.
  • Acoustic stopwatch now supports multiple timers and allows for setting a minimum delay.
  • Sonar now features a reverse mode where you enter a distance and can determine the speed of sound.
  • Fix: Append-module now accepts value-type input.
  • Fix: Update fails when switching to raw data in remote experiment of the roll experiment (and possibly others).
  • Fix: Some spelling errors in the experiments.

Changes for Android

  • Fix: Very short audio loops failed.
  • Fix: Remote access failed when infinite numbers occur.
  • Fix: Crash on Samsung Galaxy S4 when repeatedly playing audio.

Changes for iOS

  • Fix: Run analysis even when not triggered by a sensor event to allow for self-modifying experiments like a gradually changing tone generator.
  • Fix: Possible crash in average module (race condition mostly triggered on iOS8).
  • Fix: Axis labels were not translated in the remote interface.
  • Fix: Crash in binning module when dx is set to zero.
  • Fix: Handle audio setup changes (plugging in a headset) more gracefully.



Main Changes

  • New experiment: Acoustic stopwatch
  • More options when exporting in CSV format: There now are variants with a comma as decimal point and the number format is now consistent across both platforms.
  • Grey out experiments that are unavailable
  • Add video links to the experiment menu as well (or any link marked as highlight)

Changes to the phyphox file format

  • New analysis module: if
  • New view element: button
  • New initializing attribute for buffers

Fixes for Android

  • Improved behavior when hiding keyboard
  • Fix possible crash when switching to different app
  • Update views in stopped state
  • Fix auto-orientation not respecting system setting
  • Fix opening phyphox:// URLs with parameters
  • Fix for the (half-official) Bluetooth support. Note, that this will changed and replaced by Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE in the future.
  • Apply size setting of value view element to the remote interface.

Fixes for iOS

  • Fix magnetometer calibration factor. (Note: We are using the uncalibrated magnetometer values, which may be way off from what you expect for small fields like the earth’s magnetic field, but which should be good for stronger field. However, we might switch to the calibrated one in the future to avoid confusion, but which might introduce other problems.)
  • Fix for not stripping trailing zeros if a fixed number of digits is defined for a value view element




  • New experiments: Centrifugal force and inclination
  • Simple view for raw sensors, just giving numbers
  • Improved descriptions and labels for several experiments
  • Better time axis calculation in elevator experiment
  • Updated experiment file format to 1.2: New modules for statistics and trigonometry. Also more control over value and graph view elements.

Fixes on iOS

  • Disappearing view elements after rotation or scrolling
  • Crash when starting web interface on iOS8
  • Crash when entering zeros in Doppler effect
  • Crash in autocorrelation module (experiments “Spring”, “Pendulum” and “Autocorrelation”)
  • Missing data points in remote interface (mostly elevator and roll)
  • Could not open external experiments on iOS8
  • Strip white-spaces from description

Fixes on Android

  • Fix wrong play-button animation after screen being turned off
  • Do not show the save-locally-dialog again after rotation
  • Show “-” instead of “NaN” when no data is available
  • Improved reliability of remote interface when doing partial data updates
  • Fix possible crash when switching apps while graph is visible
  • Fix crash when closing experiment without dismissing the info-tooltip




  • Hint to guide inexperienced users to the experiment info.
  • Ask if externally loaded experiment should be added to collection. (You can still do so later via the menu as before.)
  • Disable back swipe gesture to avoid involuntarily closing an experiment when swiping between tabs. (iOS only)
  • Limit min/max of allowed values in some experiments (phyphox file format has been updated for this)
  • Values entered in experiments are now only used for calculations after the user confirms the input (hitting the confirmation button on the virtual keyboard) or changes the focus away from the edit box. This behaviour now matches the one from the iOS version and prevents unnecessary recalculations while entering numbers. (Android only)


  • Fix decimal values not being allowed. (iOS only)
  • Fix problematic recalculation when clearing buffer. (iOS only)
  • Handle flawed phyphox files more gracefully and report errors. This will be improved further in future updates. (iOS only)



Minor changes

  • Added now mandatory explanation when requesting permission to access the microphone.
  • Internal code changes required for iOS 10 targets. These changes should not be visible, but since some libraries have been updated, there may still be some changes, that we did not anticipate.


  • Fix crashes on iPad when trying to export data or sharing a screenshot.
  • Fix rare crash in experiment most likely to occur when switching apps or displaying a dialog.
  • Fix remote interface being unable to reconnect after switching to a different experiment.



Initial release