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Full Version: iPhone could not load experiment
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iPhone could not load experiment "Magnetometer" after its modification. Everything is working well with Android. A parametric diagram (Mx, My) has been added with a separate final point (red point indicating the North). Two versions have been developed: First, with separation of the end point using appends of Mx and My to single value containers; Second, using for this subrange function. Second experiment gives an error when adding to the phyphox list of experiments: "Could not load experiment: parsingError (backtrace: "phyphox", line: 11, encounteredError: phyphox.ElementHandler-Error.unreadableData)".
Attached: two successful realizations of two Android phones, two versions of the phyphox files, screen capture of the experiment error with an iPhone.
Strange, I just tried on an iPhone 8 and both experiments worked and I could add them to the experiment list. Are these the right ones to trigger the problem?

This is also is a weird error to begin with. It occurs when a text value cannot be interpreted in the expected format. For example, a wrong base64-encoding for the experiment icon or a type="value" input with text instead of a number (which might indeed have different tolerances on iOS than on Android as it depends on system functions). But none of those are in line 11.
iPhone 10 was used, I can ask for a detailed configuration... Huh
Same here: iPhone SE (1st gen) and 11 Pro, no problems… (all these with current iOS)
So... What's the difference? Some first ideas:
- Are you using the most recent version (I know, the obvious tech support response)?
- Does it also happen if you switch the system language to English? (a wild guess, maybe a character is interpreted as a French accent that otherwise would be ignored; a very wild guess, I admit)
- Does the problem go away if you remove the icon tag? (That's the closest to line 11 that can even trigger this specific message)
I have originally tested with phyphox set to French language. By the way, also no problems on an iPad…
Thank you a lot for the fast comments and verifications. I am waiting now for a response from the owner of the phone in question who is in California...  There they use mostly iPhones... Cool
Thanks again for the comments.
In fact the experiment was loaded successfully from the QR code generated here. It did not work for iOs by sending e-mail and clicking to the attached phyphox file. Somehow the problem has been discussed already in "Feature request :  possibility for uploading experiments". I reread that thread again  and cannot say that I understand how to exchange easily experiments with many users (teachers and students) without a publication in this forum and following distribution of the generated QR code. Sad
By the way, how long this QR code remains valid?
Just have directly sent your experiment from phyphox to myself by e-mail. Opening in Mail does not work: it would show you the source code. However, I could use the share symbol at the top right (see attachment) or with long press on the file and open it in phyphox that way without a problem. Alternatively, iPhone users could always store .phyphox files in iCloud or on the device first and they are automagically opened in phyphox then.

The QR-Codes are simply URLs, so as long as the forum is alive and we do not change the forum software (we are already considering it though, so, thanks for pointing this out that we should keep this in mind!)…

The perhaps most safe and easy way is to host the .phyphox files “yourself” and generate the QR code with,, or others.
Thanks a lot, Jens !

QR code is really the best solution for a big flow of student. So we did recently with about 500 (mostly biology). By the way, when they use the QR code generated here is it counted as the number of downloads? Shy !??
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