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Full Version: Beta test of 1.1.12
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On Android, there is now a new beta version of 1.1.12 with some deeper changes under the hood, so please test it thoroughly:


Current versions in open testing

Android: 1011205 (1.1.12-beta5)
i(Pad)OS: 1.1.12 (Build: 11010)
We are aware of a BLE bug in the Android beta. Please revert to the stable release if you need to use external sensors. We hope to push out a fixed beta in the next few days.
A beta fixing the reported BLE issues has been released last weekend.
We are aware of a bug in the i(Pad)OS beta that leads to app freezes. Please revert to the stable release for ”production“ use…
The i(Pad)OS bug is fixed and the beta should now approach release candidate status. Please give it a heavy test and report any remaining issues (ideally none Wink)…
The latest Android beta fixes a bug in the remote access feature. Now it should work as expected again…