phyphox is available for free on Android and iOS. You can directly install it from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS) using the following links:

Get it on Google Play

Alternatively, you can install phyphox via f-droid.

Public beta

Sometimes we test new versions in a public beta. To try out the new version, follow the instructions below for Android and iOS. Please do not use this version in class as crashes and problems are to be expected.

Please visit our forums for information on current beta tests and to give feedback on problems you find.

Test on Android

Click the following link and log in with the Google account that you use for Google Play on your phone.
Join the phyphox beta program

Through this link you will change your Google Play preferences to use the beta version instead of the regular one. Google Play should then automatically update phyphox to the test version (sometimes it may take a few minutes before Google Play registers the change).

Test on iOS

On iOS, test versions are installed through an App from Apple, called “Testflight”. You can follow the link below to find instructions and links to install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Once you have installed Testflight on your Apple device, follow the link again and chose to open it in Testflight. Testflight will then install the test version of phyphox for your iPhone.
Test phyphox with Testflight