Applause meter used in the RWTH science slam

I hope you enjoyed our science night at the RWTH Aachen University and attended our smartphone experiment talk or visited us at our phyphox booth. But even if you did not attend our science night, you might still enjoy playing with a new tool…

Right at the beginning of the science night there was a big science slam which used phyphox as an applause meter to assign scores to the contestants. So, here it is – Simply open the following link on your phone with phyphox installed and it should automatically launch in our app:
Applause meter

Just a few things to keep in mind if you want to use it in an actual competitions:

  • Scores varying across different phones, so you should use the same phone to judge all contestants.
  • Do not place the phone too close your audience as close sounds register much louder. Often a place quite central on stage is a good choice. Always evaluate the applause from the same place and orientation of the phone.
  • The score will be proportional to the integral of the RMS of the recording. In other words, you will get higher scores for louder and longer applause – It adds up continuously at a rate that depends on the volume of the applause.