Arduino library

We have created the Arduino library “phyphox BLE” to easily plot data from your Arduino or ESP32 in phyphox or receive sensor data from phyphox for your Arduino project.

In the most simple example, you only need few lines to submit a value to be plotted in phyphox.

#include <phyphoxBle.h> 

void setup() {
    PhyphoxBLE::start();                //Start the BLE server

void loop() {
    float randomNumber = random(0,100); //Generate random number in the range 0 to 100
    PhyphoxBLE::write(randomNumber);    //Send value to phyphox
    delay(50);                          //Shortly pause before repeating

This example simply creates random numbers and plots them in phyphox. This could be the voltage of an analog input, the distance from a range finder or any other sensor or vital data of your microcontroller.

Learn more on github.

This library has been developed by the phyphox team at the RWTH Aachen University. In particular, the foundations and basic concept was created by Alexander Krampe as part of his Master thesis. The library has been further improved and is now maintained by Dominik Dorsel, our PhD student who also supervised Alexander’s thesis.