Translating phyphox

As we, the developers of phyphox, are native German speakers, we can only provide phyphox and any related material in German and English. Fortunately, there are volunteers around the world who translate phyphox into their native languages.

Can I help translating phyphox?

We have set up a translation management system which will allow multiple translators to work on the same language, so even if there is already someone working on a specific language, additional help will still be appreciated. But first of all, be warned that there may be more text to be translated than you might expect and that just figuring out the right context may be more complicated than you might think (even though we provide screenshots in our translation system to aid you).

Also, we require that you are fluent in the language (ideally it is your native language) and you need to be a physicist (typically a teacher or researcher) in order to know the right terms. Ideally, you are a teacher at a school or university, so we can verify that you have a professional interest in translating and do not just intent to introduce funny stuff into our app. Finally, please be prepared to also do follow-up translations when new versions of phyphox introduce new text – this will not be much text and it will not occur too often, but it would be bad if we released new features and could not provide them in a language that we were able to provide before.

So, if you fulfill these requirements and we did not scare you off, please contact us via the email address at the bottom of each page.

I found a mistake…

If you found an error in the text, please contact the translators directly if their mail address is listed below. If it is not listed, the translator does not want his contact information openly on the web, so please contact us instead (using the mail address at the bottom of each page) and we will redirect you. Please understand, that sometimes new versions of phyphox require new translations and that our volunteers may not always find the time to translate them fast enough. Therefore if you find a new non-translated line of text in your version, please give the translator some time to translate it for the next version.

Supported languages

Here is a list of supported languages. In most cases this only means that the app has been translated into this language, but in some cases the translators also offer additional information, sometimes on their own websites which will be linked from here as well.

Translators are currently also working on additional languages. Here is an overview of our current translation efforts:

If you want to help with one of these languages or want to provide another language, please read the information above.

Chinese (simplified)

  • Changcheng

Chinese (traditional)

The Chinese translation in traditional script is not yet complete, but has been included in the app to avoid confusion or mixing with the simplified script version.

Czech (cs)

  • Karel Havlíček(Please contact the phyphox staff for translation inquiries)

Dutch (nl)

  • Ivo
  • Evelien Urkens
  • Andreas Van den Bergh

We also have received a Dutch worksheet by Dirk Janssen. If you have any other worksheets, you’d like to share, please contact us.
Worksheet: Audio Spectrum (docx)

English (en)

The English version is provided by the phyphox developers themselves. If you are a native speaker and find an error, please contact us using the mail address at the bottom of the page.

French (fr)

  • Frédéric
  • Ulysse Delabre
  • Julien Basset

Georgian (ka)

  • Tsotne

German (de)

The German version is provided by the phyphox developers themselves. We are native speakers, but there will still be minor errors. If you find one, please let us know using the mail address at the bottom of the page.

Greek (el)

  • Κωστής Χαλκιαδάκης

Hindi (hi)

  • Praveen
  • Ashish Kumar
  • Anshul
  • Ramkumar

Italian (it)

  • Giovanni

Japanese (ja)

  • Wakana Okita
  • Keisuke Takashima

Polish (pl)

  • Tomasz Greczył

Portuguese (pt)

  • Gustavo
  • Daniel

Russian (ru)

  • Alexander
  • Lew

Serbian (sr)

  • Marina

Spanish (es)

  • Guillermo

A Spanish worksheet, created by our Peruvian phyphox ambassador Edinson Isai Carlos Abanto:
Worksheet: Campo Magnético en Bobinas Helmholtz (docx)

Turkish (tr)

  • Fatih Can

Vietnamese (vi)

  • Nguyen Truong