Version 1.0.2

We have just released version 1.0.2 which mostly adds some guides to alleviate some typical confusion for new users:


  • Hint to guide inexperienced users to the experiment info.
  • Ask if externally loaded experiment should be added to collection. (You can still do so later via the menu as before.)
  • Disable back swipe gesture to avoid involuntarily closing an experiment when swiping between tabs. (iOS only)
  • Limit min/max of allowed values in some experiments (phyphox file format has been updated for this)
  • Values entered in experiments are now only used for calculations after the user confirms the input (hitting the confirmation button on the virtual keyboard) or changes the focus away from the edit box. This behaviour now matches the one from the iOS version and prevents unnecessary recalculations while entering numbers. (Android only)


  • Fix decimal values not being allowed. (iOS only)
  • Fix problematic recalculation when clearing buffer. (iOS only)
  • Handle flawed phyphox files more gracefully and report errors. This will be improved further in future updates. (iOS only)

Version 1.0.1 for iOS with several bugfixes

We have just releases version 1.0.1 with bug fixes for iOS (on Android version 1.0.0 remains the most recent version):


  • Fix crashes on iPad when trying to export data or sharing a screenshot.
  • Fix rare crash in experiment most likely to occur when switching apps or displaying a dialog.
  • Fix remote interface being unable to reconnect after switching to a different experiment.

Minor changes

  • Added now mandatory explanation when requesting permission to access the microphone.
  • Internal code changes required for iOS 10 targets. These changes should not be visible, but since some libraries have been updated, there may still be some changes, that we did not anticipate.
  • If you find more errors, please tell us and bear with us. Especially, if the experiment editor or its results are not working as expected, just write an email to and I am happy to help your.

    Phyphox 1.0.0 is now available!

    This is it, the great kick-off. Today (Monday, 12th September 2016) phyphox has been released to the public. Go ahead and get it from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store (for free, of course).

    Jetzt bei Google Play

    If you are not yet sure, what to do with it, have a look at our videos and the experiments in the Wiki. There are not yet that many videos, but from now on I will add more experiment videos about once a month. If you want to know about any new content or updates right away, you should follow us on your preferred social media platform:

    [Youtube], [Twitter], [Facebook]

    Of course, there is still a lot to do and this is just the start. Please let us know what you do with phyphox, tell us about any great ideas for new experiments and of course report bugs and missing features.

    Cheers to you all and have fun with phyphox!