Version 1.0.14: Portuguese translation

While we are still working to finalize version 1.1.0, we just published 1.0.14 with another translation: Portuguese. Check out languages page for more information.

Actually, this update has been released on Android more than a week ago and should just be a quick language update on iOS as well. Unfortunately, Apple has rejected the update as they decided that the experiment "roll" might damage the phone. So we had to remove this experiment and resubmit the app. Therefore, the update got delayed.


Changes on Android and iOS

  • Portuguese translation.

Changes on iOS

  • Fix flickering of audio scope.

Update 17.11.2018

There was a little error when compiling the new translations that introduced unfinished translations to the iOS version, which should not yet have been released (Turkish and Chinese to be specific). We have uploaded another version (1.0.15) for iOS, which should fix this as soon as it has passed the Apple review process.

500,000 installs!

A little more than two years after our first public release (12th September 2016), we have surpassed half a million installs*. Thanks to all of you, who supported us, gave feedback or just told others about our work.

BTW: Our PhD student Dominik, got the cake from his girlfriend and though we would love to share it with all of you, a picture has to do (technical limitations, you know).

*Combined installs on Google Play (user installs) and Apple’s App Store (app units).